John Mayer, The Roots and a teensy bit of Dave Matthews

OK, I can finally stop talking about it, because I did indeed catch a way early flight back from BlogHer on Sunday morning and did indeed drive straight to the Mile High Music Festival and did indeed take my son to see John Mayer (back story here).

Well, I *would* have driven straight there, if the traffic had not been horrendous, and had we not just sat there on Havana Street for an hour and a half. Not. kidding. It was so bad that Danielle’s car (which said it was *108* outside, thank you vera much) in turn, said NO THANK YOU VERA MUCH, and overheated. We had to abandon it at some office park along the way and all illegally squish in to our truck. At least our “Carpooling To Mile High” sign was indeed VERY true at that point.

We arrived just to hear the last few songs from Colbie Caillet in the parking lot, and after I got over my disappointment at missing her – I had an attitude adjustment and remembered HEY! THIS IS GONNA BE A FUN DAY, RIGHT? WITH MY PEEPS!

And it was.

All the photos (from Declan’s little point & shoot camera, seeing as I was tired of lugging my 50 pound Canon around all weekend) are in my MHMF Flickrset.

But, most importantly, even though John Mayer tried to trick us by going on early, we still made it time to see almost all his set. And most most most importantly, Declan’s most favorite song, Waiting On The World To Change. Yes, I cried. And YES, that screech at the end? That’s Declan.

The other significant event of the day was seeing the The Roots. I am a big enough music dork to admit I first heard of the Roots from the Mandy Moore movie Chasing Liberty (go ahead, laugh), but WHO CARES, CAUSE THEY ARE FRACKING AWESOME. And they tore the roof off in Denver last weekend. Here they are playing their song The Seed, which is one of my all-time favorite songs.

Again, sorry for the cruddy video quality, but let’s remember it was from a teensy tiny camera – and ALSO I was just lucky to not be crushed by the crazed mob in there.

And then finally, it was Dave Matthews’ turn. Bryan and I saw him at the Red Rocks 95 show. Yes, THAT show. I remember them tweaking the sound for THAT show for like HOURS, but it was worth it. THAT show was amazing. And I have to say, Dave sounds just as good, even after all these years. But, it was late, Declan was starting to wheeze from all the grass pollen he had inhaled all day, and you can bet your booty *I* was dead on my feet. So we called it a day.

But what a fun day.

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  1. andrea_frets

    You went from Blogher to a concert in one day? I’m I reading this correctly? Wow, that’s amazing.

  2. Nanette

    You’re an awesome mom for taking your son to a show – and a John Mayer show at that!

    I’m seeing him on Sunday. Can’t wait!

    Did Brett Dennen play, too? He’s touring with John and Colbie.

  3. Mr Lady

    One: You saw The ROOTS? I’m so jealous. I saw them at the Fillmore last year, and hot damn.

    Two: You’re just hearing about The Roots? have you lived under a rock for the past 20 years? I kind of grew up on them. I’ll burn you a cd.

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Andrea… yes, I left BlogHer early Sunday AM and then we went straight to the concert. And YES, I am STILL tired. This concert was one of the reasons I didn’t think I was going to BlogHer in the first place, but then my hubby encouraged me to go and I found flights that matched up.

    Nannette – Brett Dennen did play! But we missed him too.

    And EatPlayLove – next time we’ll have to meet up! :)))

    And Mr. Lady – well, the Mandy Moore movie *did* come out like FIVE years ago, so I have THAT in my defense at least. It’s not JUST finding them. 😉

  5. Anonymous

    that video of Dex is so cute! – M

  6. Megan

    I saw John a while back and had a blast. Glad Declan could finally see him!

  7. EatPlayLove

    We had a blast as well!

  8. wheremytruthlives

    Oh I wanted to go to the festival so badly but it was not to be. The Sunday lineup was all my favs. Alas, all I got was a long wait in I-70 traffic on my way to a family obligation – sigh. Thanks for the opportunity to live vacariously through you. 😛

  9. Lindy

    just checked out your flickrset- looks like a fantastic day! You’re crazy but it looks like all that travel was worth it!

  10. Sarah

    He’s adorable!

    I saw The Roots for five whole minutes when they were here two weeks ago. It was a lovely five minutes. Maybe next time I’ll catch the whole show.

  11. Anonymous

    I cannot believe you went straight from SFO to DIA to MHMF.

  12. Amy

    Good Time Mama! Glad you made it back! What a wild weekend for you! Next week I am going with!!!! To BOTH! 🙂


    I have seen Dave many times and love love love him, but John Mayer is on my list of shows to see before I die, right behind Ray LaMontagne and Peter Gabriel.

    And as others have already alluded to: Woman! you have STAMINA. I’m in awe of you right now.

    (Also: It was so great! to meet you.)

  14. carrie

    Oooooh, I love that Live From Red Rocks cd so much I sleep with it under my pillow.

    Well, not really . . . but I would.

    Loving D’s dance moves. Loving them.

  15. Mandy

    I love Dave Matthews and have yet to see him live. I’m very jealous.

  16. Joan

    I love the videos!

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