June Greeblemixes

You guys are doing some cool stuff in June! Thanks for letting us all taking a peek into your fun lives!

The three winners this month are:
Rhiannon/Rhi In The Pink
LA Blogger Gal/My LA Blog


And below is what they are getting!

By the way, I always put music on that I am either into right now, or mean something to me at the moment. For example, Madonna is coming to Denver for the first time ever and my best friend got us tickets! Yet another lifelong dream, CHECK! Now we just have to sit on our hands till November waiting.

Greeblemix June 2008
Please Stand Up by British Sea Power
Warwick Avenue by Duffy
Just Around The Corner by Cock Robin
Anybody Else by Matt White
Stars and Boulevards by Augustana
Kinky Afro by Happy Mondays
Listen Up! by The Gossip
King of New Orleans by Better Than Ezra
And You Give by Matthew Barber
My Heart by Lizz Wright
Peace, Love and Happiness by G. Love And Special Sauce
Out of Our Hands by Gemma Hayes
Geometry &c. by Chris Walla
Shut Up and Let Me Go by The Ting Tings
Haunted When The Minutes Drag by Love & Rockets
Operation Spirit by Live
The Minaret by John Vanderslice
Answers To Nothing by Midge Ure & Ultravox
Into the Groove by Madonna
Hiding by Meiko
Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale

So, what are you listening to lately?

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  1. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    The Ting Tings song is the one from the commercial that is so fun!

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    err, Apple iPod commercial, that is.

  3. Meghann

    Newer stuff I am listening to lately- Starship Cobra. Other stuff always on my playlist- U2, Matchbox Twenty, and Back Eyed Peas.

    Since I didn’t get to answer yesterday: what we’re doing this summer? Moving and buying our first house! Ack!

  4. Jim Gerl


    I just voted for your blog for Bloggers Choice AwArds.

    Would you please return the favor at




  5. Jim Gerl

    Sorry my voting page for Bloggers choice came out wrong. It should have been


    Thanks, Spedlaw2

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Loving the new Jason Mraz!

  7. Anonymous

    Great mix!

  8. DesignHER Momma

    great post! I just posted today that I need some help with some workout music tunes. Let me know if any of the above mentioned songs might help me break a sweat…and loose 10 pounds!

  9. Rhiannon

    I am so excited! It will be nice to change the cds in my car for once 🙂

    I am listening to this awesome Portland band called The Dimes. I have a giant high school crush on the drummer 🙂

  10. Melissa

    “We Dance, We Sing, We Steal Things” by Jason Mraz and Radiohead’s ‘Rainbows’ – Both reeeeeeeeeealy good albums.

  11. Sarah

    Yay! I can’t wait to hear some new music! And as for “what I’m listening to now” that would be Duffy, she really is awesome.

  12. Assertagirl

    I’m always a little behind the times, which is probably why I’m loving Ryan Adams these days.

  13. Sarah

    Great suggestions, everyone!

  14. Becky

    I’m listening to my Greeblemix I got in May! Love it!

  15. MB

    I cannot say enough good stuff about Cyndi Lauper’s new CD. Yes, Cyndi Lauper. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Designer momma, excellent workout CD!!!!

  16. Liz

    My friend got us madonna tickets too – I didn’t know how excited I would be until we actually got them… I’m like a 15 year old again… I’m sure it will wear off by November.

  17. LA Blogger Gal

    Just received my Greeble Mix today! Perfect music for driving around (or getting stuck in LA traffic).


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