Weezer at Mission Ballroom for KTCL Channel 93.3’s Uniconcert - Denver Concert Photos

Weezer at Mission Denver for KTCL Channel 93.3’s Uniconcert

First things first. I adore both Channel 93.3 and Weezer – that horrible covers album notwithstanding. So, when they came together for a “Uniconcert” at Mission Ballroom last month, I was pretty damn excited. The night was supposed to be a “one of a kind” event – thus the “uni,” and from that perspective, it lived up to the name.

I’m not sure exactly what went wrong. Maybe the venue was too big, the band too big, or fans just waited too long. But when Nerf came out with the band for a personal interview, the crowd already wasn’t happy. Even from the pit, I could tell the people at the back of the Mission couldn’t hear what was being said, and they were restless. So, what was meant to be an intimate event turned into fans chanting “let them play” and Weezer themselves seeming aggravated by the whole thing.

Channel 93.3 has been doing a concert series with Verizon at small spots (example: Of Monsters & Men with less than 1,000 people), which I was not able to attend but have heard nothing but rave reviews about. Like I said, perhaps this venue and band were just too big for this kind of thing? Who knows. Good on KTCL for trying new stuff.

However, once the band came out to play, the tension lifted. Weezer blew through song after song that we all love (their yucky cover of Africa included) and the crowd got happy. Really happy! The full setlist is listed below the photos, so you can see for yourself how many great songs they played. After I was done snapping pics, I definitely retreated to the back of the venue and danced my ass off with the rest of the folks there.

What’s next for Weezer? Oh, a little thing called the Hella Mega Tour with Green Day and Fall Out Boy. It’s at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park on July 28th next summer. Even though it will be nowhere as small as Uniconcert, I’m pretty sure everyone from this show will be there for that one too.

Weezer Photos – Mission Ballroom Denver

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Weezer Setlist
Mission Ballroom, 8/26/19

Buddy Holly
Undone – The Sweater Song
Pork and Beans
My Name Is Jonas
Beverly Hills
Island in the Sun
Africa (Toto cover)
Hash Pipe
Perfect Situation
Take On Me (A‐ha cover)
The Good Life
The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
Happy Together (The Turtles cover, with a snippet of Green Day’s “Longview”)

Buddy Holly (barbershop quartet version)
Say It Ain’t So

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