Karaoke Tips - Feel Comfortable Singing Your Heart Out

Karaoke Tips: Feel Comfortable Singing Your Heart Out

Note: This is a sponsored post. All words mine.

Do you get intimidated by the idea of karaoke? I sure do. Recently, however, Voicebox Karaoke in RiNo asked me to bring a group of friends over and I realized it’s not as hard as it seems. Yup, I am still preeeetty terrible at it, but hanging out with your friends and *only* your friends sure made the experience much more comfortable. Here are some tips that helped us have more fun!

Karaoke Tips - Feel Comfortable Singing Your Heart Out #karaoke #singing #karaokeparty #karaokesongs

Go With Friends

This one is pretty obvious. Voicebox is a bar that has private soundproof suites, so we had our room to ourselves, but this is true for karaoke night in a full bar. No way in hell I would go to karaoke without an army of people to back me up.

Karaoke Tips - Feel Comfortable Singing Your Heart Out #karaoke #singing #karaokeparty #karaokesongs

Go On Off-Nights

We were there on a Tuesday (Voicebox has happy hour specials during the week), so not only did we have our private suite, but it wasn’t that busy in the whole place – which made us all relax.


Voicebox has a website called vbsongs.com that shows all the songs they have, but you can probably guess which songs will be available on any given karaoke night, right? My husband went so far as to create a Spotify playlist of the songs he wanted to perform and sang them all day before we went.

Karaoke Tips - Feel Comfortable Singing Your Heart Out #karaoke #singing #karaokeparty #karaokesongs

Stick With Upbeat Songs

Trust me on this. The first time I *ever* did karaoke, I picked a very depressing, sad, melodramatic Billy Joel song and it was painful. Only do slow songs if you can DO them.

Have Drinks

Most people say to avoid alcohol during karaoke and if you have watched that guy, they are right. However, to loosen up the mood – I think a few cocktails are just what the doctor ordered!

Karaoke Tips - Feel Comfortable Singing Your Heart Out #karaoke #singing #karaokeparty #karaokesongs

Really Go For It

We had a ringer with us – our friend Jen is a serious singer. So she actually pulled off a Whitney Houston song. But for those of us not blessed with the voice of an angel, just going for it was half the fun. Who cares how bad we sound? Better to just accept it and have fun!

Karaoke Tips - Feel Comfortable Singing Your Heart Out #karaoke #singing #karaokeparty #karaokesongs

Choose A Cheesy Song

If you know me, you know I love Judy Collins – so “Send In The Clowns” is not a “cheesy” song to me. But Alf and Bryan doing that song … as vampires? Yeah. You judge for yourself.

Support Everyone

I am big into inclusivity, especially when we’re out making fools of ourselves. Our waiter at Voicebox said we were the first group he has ever seen waving their phones with lights on like we were at a concert. Heck yeah! We sang along with each other, clapped for each other and had a great time.

Karaoke Tips - Feel Comfortable Singing Your Heart Out #karaoke #singing #karaokeparty #karaokesongs

And THAT, my friends, is how you do karaoke like a boss.

Thanks to Voicebox RiNo for having us.

Photos/video by me, friends, Voicebox RiNo and Envato Elements.

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  1. Amy Evans

    I want to be invited next time!

  2. Danielle

    I had such a fun time! I love singing off key and being goofy! I already want to go back!

    • Aimee

      Thanks so much for coming! Yes – let’s do it again soon.

  3. Christa

    My invite better be in the mail next time! Looks super fun and right in my backyard!

  4. Katie

    How fun! I haven’t done Karaoke since I was a teenager.

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