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Måneskin at Fillmore Denver

We have been fans of Eurovision for nearly 20 years due to our Irish neighbor (back then, we had to watch bootleg versions). It’s such a fun spectacle, and I love that Italian band Måneskin has parlayed that success into radio play and world tours. After the success of “Zitti E Buoni,” their songs “Beggin'” and “Supermodel” were omnipresent – in a good way. They visited us in Denver to a sold-out crowd at the Fillmore with no opener and then proceeded to play hard for nearly two hours. It was awesome. Sometimes it’s great to just right to it.

My only complaint was how dark and red the lights were. I know this is a frequent issue for photographers, but the fad has gone so far that it’s becoming increasingly hard to actually see the band while they are performing – and fans are taking notice. It’s pretty evident from the photos below. (But! I bet you can still tell how fun the band is live.)

But beyond that, Måneskin put on one hellofa show. Lead singer Damiano David had the crowd in the palm of his hands while bassist Victoria De Angelis was up, down, and all over the stage. Guitarist Thomas Raggi and drummer Ethan Torchio round out the quartet and kept the beat raging.

The story goes that Måneskin went from literally performing on the streets to their now international stardom – and it’s easy to see how it happened so (relatively) quickly. The charisma and swagger are magnetic.

Reviews are very positive for the new album, Rush!, to be released in late January 2023 – We can’t wait to hear it and for their next trip stateside.

Måneskin – Denver Concert Photos

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