Mehro Denver Concert Photos 2023

Mehro at Marquis Theater Denver

My new go-to when I need to listen to mellow, beautiful tunes is mehro. (He prefers to his name in all lowercase because “I like to be less spoken. I prefer my actions define what I do rather than my words.”) I was excited to see him play at the Marquis Theater recently, and based on all the fans who lined up meet him after his set, so was everyone else in Denver. His performance was intimate, friendly – and even better, his voice is absolutely stellar. Better than recorded.

mehro’s song are feelings put to melodies. It was just him and his guitar, and let’s be honest – rarely is that enough to pull off a really engaging show. But mehro definitely engaged.

I got to chat with him for a few minutes after the line died down, and he seems to also be both enjoying and appreciative of the ride. Pretty great to see in someone so young.

Also great? His second album, Dark Corners and Alchemy, was released just this week – so there’s more lovely music to listen to. Let’s hope that leads mehro back to more shows in Denver soon.

Mehro – Denver Concert Photos

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