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Bloodywood - Concert Photos - Denver

Bloodywood at Marquis Theater

I don't think I have ever shared photos as blurry as the ones below for Bloodywood at the Marquis Theater in Denver. But they definitely captures the insane energy of the show! Bloodywood is an Indian metal band that formed in 2016. They began as…
The Regrettes - Denver Concert Photos

The Regrettes at Marquis Theater Denver

I was lucky enough to catch The Regrettes at Shaky Knees in Atlanta earlier this year, so I was thrilled when they visited us in Denver. It was a packed show, which is always fun at the Marquis because it feels like the whole place…
Weathers at Denver’s Marquis Theater - Denver Concert Photos - Greeblehaus

Weathers at Denver’s Marquis Theater

The band Weathers is quickly becoming a fave. Sadly, their show(s) here in Denver were canceled several times last year (along with everyone else). Finally, we got to see them at the Marquis – and it was the perfect band for my first time "back"…
The Faim & Stand Atlantic - Marquis Theater - Denver Concert Photos

The Faim & Stand Atlantic at Marquis Theater Denver

This is my third time photographing The Faim here in Denver and they get better every time I see them. This outting, they were co-headlining at the Marquis with Stand Atlantic, and both bands had the rafters shaking - literally. While that venue always leans…
New Politics Concert Photos - Marquis Theater Denver

New Politics at Marquis Theater

There seems to be a trend lately, of popular bands playing in clubs that are much smaller than they usually would. I assume it's because they enjoy the intimacy of interacting closely with their fans but, either way, I am not complaining. I was shocked…
You Me At Six - Denver Concert Photos

You Me At Six and Dreamers at Marquis Theater

I was a little late to band You Me At Six. I discovered (and loved) them on 2017's Night People, but they actually formed in 2004 and 2018's VI was (aptly) their 6th album. I'm hooked. I listen to all the albums now on the…