Tulum Mexico Luxury Hotel

Tulum Mexico Hotel – La Zebra: Luxury in the Heat

Note: La Zebra provided a portion of my stay, however all words and photos are mine.

I just returned from Mexico and it’s exactly what I needed. Rest, relaxation, sun, great food, drink and, most importantly, friends.

The lovely Andrea was about to turn 40 years old and had a terrific idea. “How about I gather as many gals as possible from around the world to a beautiful beach?” I had been to Tulum several times before and it’s one of my favorite places in the world – and Andrea is one of my favorite people in the world – so, of course, the answer was a resounding yes.

Lucky for us, Andrea did the legwork for the trip and found our hotel in Mexico and took care of the logistics. We stayed at the gorgeous La Zebra, about 20 minutes from the ruins. It’s a small luxury hotel and restaurant right on the beach, where rooms have splash pools and beautiful views. (I spent most of the day alternating between the pool and the ocean … my idea of heaven.)

The drinks and food are a la carte, and I will admit that waiting for staff on the beach couches caused me to start ordering beer by the bucket – even while using the adorable “Yo!” wooden flags you could turn up to grab their attention. That’s OK, because I really like buckets of beer.

The food was delicious all around, but I have to say my favorite meal was breakfast: Eggs with Chilaca Sauce (two poached eggs, sopes with chorizo & refried black beans, chile chilaca sauce, manchego cheese & pickled onion). My mouth is watering just thinking about it. If I wasn’t such an inept cook, I ‘d try and make the dish here at home.

Certainly La Zebra is not inexpensive, but I found it to be worth every penny. The location, the style, the peace and tranquility (which we pretty much shattered with our birthday party antics) – all added up to a fantastic long weekend in the tropics.

Photos from La Zebra in Tulum, Mexico

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