More sadness.

I swear, these last two months have been absolute crap. And I am not sure if it’s OK for me to write about this publicly, but I feel like this is a place for grief as well as happiness, so here goes.

Danielle miscarried today. She was around 9 weeks along and the doctor just could not find a heartbeat today. My heart is breaking for her and Jeff. She is just feeling shock right now and I am sure the grief will come. Another good friend in Maryland miscarried recently as well… it just seems like 2006 is a rough year all the way around.

We were honest with Declan this evening and told him. On top of everything else, his new fish Fred passed away this morning… so the kid is feeling every bit as emotional as we are. Let’s all hope that November takes a turn for the better soon.

And please keep Danielle and Jeff in your thoughts right now.

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