Mother’s Day Flowers for Our Three Moms

I have three mothers in my life. My mom, my aunt and my mother-in-law. Each are special and unique, but all love flowers.

Who doesn’t?

I was excited when Pro Flowers asked if there were any special moms in my life that I would like to send flowers to for Mother’s Day. Yes! Three!

And they reminded me that I was part of the equation too. ME? Hooray!

I have been seeing all these awesome succulents on Pinterest, so I chose that one for ME right away.

Succulent Plant from Pro Flowers

But what about for the other moms? There was a great selection in the Mother’s Day section, so I could choose one that fit each personality.

My mom’s house is decorated in mauve and blue tones, so the Pink Sapphire with the frosted vase was perfect. My aunt is a little more funky; Lavish Lavender with square glass was the best choice. My mother-in-law loves knickknacks. A mason jar vase will be a perfect addition to her collection.


I think all three would have loved anything we sent, because it’s the thought that counts, right? But there is something so wonderful about receiving flowers, especially as a surprise. Usually my moms only get a call from us on Mother’s Day, so many thanks to ProFlowers for helping make their day extra nice.

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  1. Ben

    That was nice of them!

  2. Heidi Fleshman

    Thank you Aimee and Bryan
    The flowers were BEAUTIFUL !!! And yes, I always love getting flowers especially when it’s a surprise. Is beiny ‘funky’ a good thing LOL……

    Love you, AH

  3. Amy Evans

    Those look so pretty! Smart choice.

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