Moving Day

Yesterday, we helped Tim and Rachel move into their lovely new house. Bryan and the crew helped with the heavy lifting and I helped by taking care of their 6 month old baby, Jed.

With Jed in my arms, at one point Danielle asked me how it felt to hold a baby again, and did it make me have any baby fever? Now, don’t get me wrong – Jed is an adorably good baby – and I enjoyed playing with him – but the answer was a resounding NO. No baby fever at ALL.

While, in some ways I feel guilty about being so sure… also I feel so lucky that I am really secure in our decision to only have one child… and I feel sorry for friends who continually struggle to figure it out for themselves.

It’s also funny how quickly you forget things. Even though Declan only has been fully potty trained for a few months, I still had a moment of “now, what do I do again???” when we thought Jed had pooped. (Luckily for me, Jed just passed warm gas, so no poopy diapers! Hooray!)

It was definitely fun to play with a baby and I look forward to babysitting for Jed and other friend’s kids again… but it was also very nice to hand that little bundle of joy back to his mamma. Not before I took about 50 photos of him, of course.

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