MUNA Concert Photos - Mission Denver

MUNA and Nova Twins at Mission Denver

I love seeing a bunch of powerful women putting on a rock show. Such was the case when MUNA and the Nova Twins took over Mission Ballroom here in Denver recently.

Nova Twins are an English rock duo formed in London in 2014, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South. MUNA is an American indie pop band consisting of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson who started out in 2013. I had seen MUNA for the first time at the former Lost Lake Festival in Phoenix – but many, many more people have been introduced to the this year as they opened for Taylor Swift.

It’s been wonderful to watch MUNA ascend to that level of music royalty, while still being very true to who they are (in a nutshell, gay icons). They are a super talented trio and incredibly fun to see live. Energy abounds as they bounce across the stage – more like stalk when thinking of lead singer Gavin. Nova Twins were perhaps a bit harder edge but no less fun to watch.

MUNA have finished their stint with Taylor and will be at a ton of big fests this fall. They also released their third album (the self-titled MUNA), so we have some sweet tunes to tide us over till they get back to Denver again.

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Nova Twins – Denver Concert Photos

MUNA – Denver Concert Photos

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