Murder By Death & Amigo The Devil at Ogden Theatre in Denver

Murder By Death & Amigo The Devil at Ogden Theatre

Murder By Death was one of the very last shows I saw right before the world fell apart. They will always hold a special place in my heart for that – but, more importantly, they are just so damn good live. They brought the magic back to Denver’s Ogden Theater in 2022 for another pairing with Amigo The Devil, who is also incredible live.

Murder By Death has legions of dedicated fans who have developed a network of friendship. I have seen it firsthand because one of my best pals is in that circle. The camaraderie at Murder By Death shows just adds to the good vibes.

Murder By Death will return to Colorado in January 2023 for their usual string of Stanley Hotel shows, which are reputed to be legendary. Get tickets for the select shows that are not sold out (ASAP)!

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Amigo The Devil – Denver Concert Photos

Murder By Death – Denver Concert Photos

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