Dinosaur Jr. Concert Photos Denver

Dinosaur Jr. and Pink Mountaintops at Ogden Theatre

Legendary band Dinosaur Jr. headed back to Denver for the final stop on this leg of their tour, gracing us with some super good super loud rock music at the Ogden Theatre. The band formed in 1983, and for nearly 40 years, they have been innovating indie rock for every new generation. As I stood up front photographing, I watched kids clearly in high school with big X’s on their hands marvel at how good they were. That’s a definitely sign of lasting power.

Opener Pink Mountaintops, a Canadian rock band lead by Stephen McBean, are no strangers to the scene either – forming in the early aughts. Both bands kept the music flowing all night, with Dinosaur Jr.’s set list below the photos.

Dinosaur Jr. picks their tour back up in May, heading to Europe and other parts of the U.S. though October!

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Pink Mountaintops – Concert Photos

Dinosaur Jr – Concert Photos

Dinosaur Jr. – Set List
February 26, 2022 – Ogden Theatre, Denver

Bulbs of Passion
I Ain’t
Watch the Corners
I Expect It Always
To Be Waiting
I Met the Stones
The Wagon
Been There All the Time
Mountain Man
Start Choppin
Feel the Pain
Freak Scene

Little Fury Things
Just Like Heaven (Cure cover)

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