Music Monday : Three Songs I Could Listen To Forever

Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow

Daniel Merriweather – Change

Brendan James – The Other Side (this is a live version)

What are some songs that YOU could play on repeat for just about forever?

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  1. Tim

    I’d have to go with:

    Every Breath You Take/The Police
    Don’t Stop Believin/Journey

  2. zipper

    Thanks for the rec’s – I love your taste in music!

  3. leaca

    Bring Me Your Love–City and Colour
    About a Girl–Nirvana unplugged
    In the Sun–She & Him

    Thanks for your list and as always your musical recommendations never guide me wrong.

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Love these – thanks! Keep em coming!

  5. thecitizeNY

    Elbow ‘A Day Like This,” Gary Jules “Mad World” and “Under Pressure,” Queen

  6. casualperfect

    Have u ever had a CD stuck in your car stereo? The answer to that question could change if you did. LOL!

  7. bryanjones

    Jeff Buckley’s cover of Nina Simone’s *Be Your Husband* / New Order *Ceremony* / U2 *Bad*

  8. Sarah

    I am totally addicted to this:

    Can’t stop watching/listening to it. I have never heard that song until I saw this, then I watched the original and I think these ladies do it much better ūüôā

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