My face is finally acne free. FINALLY.

It’s been a long road to this post. Check out all my previous ramblings and horrifying photos of what my face used to look like. I tried everything. Every over the counter wash. Antibiotics. Steroid shots to the face. (Lots of those.) Benzoil peroxide. Salicylic acid cleansers. Retin-A. Microderms. And finally, the big gun – Accutane.

Even though it clearly halted my downhill tumble, Accutane and I didn’t exactly get along.

And then I had that crazy ear thing.

So, basically, I gave up on my face and dealt with everything else.

We knew that stress was a big factor in my acne. And of course, I still have stress – but, as I have said many times, 2010 was a doosey. 2011 hasn’t been a walk in the park – but when you spend a good deal of time on narcotics recovering from surgery – I guess the stress dissipates, right?

So, here I am now.

Aimee Orange Fall 2011

Much better, right?

I still have some scars and my skin was never that flawless porcelain some people just have naturally – so trust me – I’m happy.

I can’t thank my dermatologist here in Denver enough. Or all her staff, who I now know by name.

I got hooked up with another company here in Denver a few months ago that has also been a miracle. Osmotics has a copper line that is technically for anti-aging – but it is amazing for acne issues too.

A while back, I went to their headquarters downtown and met with their founder, Francine – who is cute as a button, and coincidentally turned out to be personal friends with my dermatologist Adrienne. [I stopped being astounded at the small-world nature of Denver a loooooong time ago.]

We talked for a long time about my skin but one thing she said stuck out. She described skin as brick and mortar just like the wall of her offices in the older LoDo area. That there needs to be balance between both for the skin to do its job, and when there are gaps – that is when toxins get in.

Francine gave me several samples of their Copper products, and I am sold. Particularly the cleansing gel, which I use as a makeup remover plus general cleanser – and the serum which I use at night. I know some of the products seem a bit pricey, but they last. I have yet to run out of the serum, and only been through 2 bottles of the cleanser. In months.

And my face has stayed clear and feels soft like a baby’s butt.

I am not kidding about this.

As much as we are taught not to EVER let people touch our face when we have acne problems – I now encourage people to.


Yes. I’m happy.


Blogger Disclaimer: I think it’s pretty clear, but Osmotics provided me samples and a consultation. All words and thoughts are mine. My dermatologist has done nothing but be awesome.

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  1. Jessie

    I am so happy for you. Clear skin. Top 50 Twitter mama. You rock!

  2. Meghann

    Awesome possum!

    I’ve always had skin issues. (Not as bad as yours, but still not fun) Those products sound great, but I went to the website and choked a little.

    Maybe someday when we aren’t so financially scrapped.

  3. Megan

    You look great! Congrats!!!!

  4. Julie Marsh

    I hope you know I think you’re beautiful no matter what.

  5. Stef

    hi aimee, we met this past weekend and you might have noticed my bad as ass skin and I’m wondering, did your dermatologist recommend Osmotics or did you find it out yourself and could someone like me just buy the products without a derm involved? I’m totally looking for something and like you, I’ve tried a lot of products!
    thanks so much!

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Hey Stef! First of all – is did NOT notice your skin (in a bad way)!!! I think we all think it is worse than other people perceive, but trust me I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!

    Osmotics is totally over the counter. You can get it online, or they are avail at Nordstroms if you want to go see it there.

    The funny thing is I know my derm had listed them off as a suggestion for me to try for cleansers, but I had not till I met Francine through my blog.

    Meghann – another cleanser I did like that was less expensive is the “Acne-Free” (yes, that is the name)- their “sensitive skin” pack, and it is $20 total. I think I mentioned them in another post too.

    Thanks for all the kind words, ladies!

  7. Anonymous

    lookin’ good!! I also love Dr. Stewart, she is awesome (I see her for skin cancer follow up).

  8. ZDub

    You look great!

  9. Schmutzie

    You give me hope!

  10. monstergirlee

    I am so excited for you Aimee. What a brave face you’ve put on for so long, and now this! YAY You.

  11. EatPlayLove

    I’m proud to admit I’ve felt your beautiful skin and it is indeed just like a baby’s bottom.

  12. zipper

    This is great news, Aimee. Will check them out.

  13. Sizzle

    So, so, so happy for your my friend!

  14. dghsfgh


  15. Alice Mcguire

    That is fabulous. Your skin looks flawless.

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