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Nature Cat in the New Year

One of my favorite new PBS KIDS shows will have a new special on January 18th! NATURE CAT is all about the outdoor adventures of a goofy house cat. It packs a whole lot of environmentalism and physical activity into a television show, which is a weird concept, I know. But Fred and his friends encourage kids to “play the show” – meaning, take the skills they learn and go outside to use them. Like my kid who has grown up in downtown Denver, Nature Cat loves the outdoors but isn’t quite sure what to do there. I love the mix of humor, adventure and great animation that encourages all of us to be brave. Not surprising since the show was created by the Rudman Brothers, of Cookie Monster and Jack’s Big Music Show fame. Heart emoji.

I Love Dirt!

I am lucky to have worked with PBS KIDS for a number of years and they sent us some nature-related goodies to celebrate the new Nature Cat special. Like the book I Love Dirt!, magnifying glasses and seed-starter as Spring approaches. It’s 55 degrees here in Denver today, so I am definitely wishful-planning for warmer weather.

But whatever the season, Nature Cat has us covered. The new episodes for 2016 continue in fun Fred fashion. Check out the list below and your local PBS station for exact times.

Nature Cat One-Hour Special premieres Monday, January 18th:

 “Hal’s Day Off” – After a silly mishap leaves Hal alone in the big city (well, he does have his chew-toy Mr. Chewinsky with him), it’s up to Nature Cat, Squeeks and Daisy to make their way to the city and find Hal. Tally ho! Even though Hal is having so much fun sightseeing, he will need to get home somehow. When Nature Cat, Squeeks and Daisy can’t locate Hal, they turn to animals that they never even knew lived in the city for help.

 “Stream and Shout” – Nature Cat goes to his Nature Curiosity List for inspiration, and finds number 73: “Where do streams begin?” This seemingly simple question leads the gang on an action-packed adventure, as they follow the stream uphill, exploring new environments and meeting all sorts of friendly critters. When they finally find out where the stream begins they are whoa-ho-ho amazed!

 “Travelin’ Seeds” – When Daisy finds a beautiful flower in her garden that she didn’t plant, it’s up to Nature Cat and his pals to find out where the flower came from. Their investigation leads them through the park and into the woods where the clues show them that seeds can actually travel far distances and grow where they land.

 “Tally Ho! A Rainbow” – After a rainstorm (Nature Cat is sure glad it’s over!) Daisy wants to capture a picture of a rainbow for her Granny Bunny who just loves rainbows. But finding a rainbow is easier said than done, as the four friends trek all over in search of it.

Nature Cat & His Friends

Happy 2016 from Nature Cat and PBS KIDS!

P.S. I received a Nature Cat screener and package of goodies to support this post, but no other compensation was provided. All words are mine.

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  1. Jessica Kerriman

    We love this show! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Amanda Jigmond

    OOh, I’m excited to check this one out! It sounds fun (and so relatable for so many little ones). Thanks!

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