My head is a Petri Dish.

Surprise, surprise, I have another sinus infection. As does Declan. But while Declan got off easy with another round of amoxicillin, I was handed my Z-pack prescription with explicit instructions to make a command performance at an ENT. Because basically, my doctor cannot understand why I get sinus and/or ear infections at the drop of a hat. I always have though, so I am not sure why she is so surprised. So I get to run off to the ENT and get my ear, nose and throat examined… but I know he is going to tell me I just have bad drainage. Everyone in my family has bad drainage. Aunt Heidi regularly gets ear infections. My mom has sinus issues all the time. And apparently, I have passed the fun along to my son as well. Poor Declan.

Here’s the good part, though: I am $100 away from my insurance deductible. After I hit that marker, the rest of the year is FREE. As in, I can have any damn sinus gouging procedure I want and pay NOTHING. And people wonder why insurance costs are skyrocketing.

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