My mom can be so cute sometimes.

My Aunt Heidi relayed an adorable story the other night and I just had to share. Plus, one can never pass up an opportunity to tease ones mother.*

Mom: Did you read Aimee’s blog today??? (referring to the Rad Moves entry)

Heidi: Yes!

(Both laugh heartily over it for about 5 minutes straight)

Heidi: (Trying to talk through the remains of her laughter)… You have no idea what the word “rad” means, do you?”


Heidi said she thought she was going to wet herself. And proceeded to give her the blow-by-blow on what “rad” means.


In a conversation later that day…

Mom was talking about her impending visit over New Years and how she can’t wait to see us, and – of course, especially Declan. And then she said to Heidi… and, I quote… “I can’t wait to see his rads.” Heidi nearly wet herself for the second time in one day.

Not to worry, I have since explained to my mother that “rad” is – in fact – an adjective, not a noun.

*All the teasing contained herein has been fully sanctioned by my mother.

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