My Two Wise Men

Declan had his very first ever haircut at a salon today. Always before, I have been the one to cut it, but his hair is getting thicker, and I am just honestly not good enough to do it – either as a hair stylist, or as a person.

Declan handled it great, the stylist did it perfectly and in about 1/3 the time I take (probably contributing to Declan’s good behavior as well). It looks so terrific (and was about 4 weeks overdue).

Bryan has been harping on me for months to hand over control on this issue. And he was totally right. Beyond right. (Don’t tell him I said that). It was a total breeze. Not to mention, the whole thing cost us just 15 bucks.

On a related but somewhat separate note, later in the day I told Declan how good his haircut looked. He didn’t say anything, so his dad reminded him to say thank you when someone compliments you. Declan thought about it for a second and said, “Why? I didn’t do the haircut.”

I swear, his soul but must be as old as the wind.

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