N3PTUNE Concert Photos – HiDive Denver

N3PTUNE at Hi-Dive Denver

Denver artist N3PTUNE exploded into my conscious this year, and if he has not done the same for you – get ready. I was able to catch his headlining show at Hi-Dive and I doubt he will be playing at small venues like that much longer. Not only was he Top Three in this year’s Hometown for the Holidays, he released his first album Renaissance – and is going on tour with Sleigh Bells in early 2022.

I’m not entirely sure how to describe his music, except frenetically eclectic – which seems to suit N3PTUNE, the person, as well. His show at Hi-Dive was part concert, part fashion show, part confessional, part jubilation. I know I keep repeating how many events in 2021 feel like a release, but that was especially true of this one. I looked around at the faces watching him perform and there was joy, pride and even a few tears as N3PTUNE rattled all the cages at Denver’s favorite dive venue.

Looking forward to what this talented artist does next!

N3PTUNE Concert Photos – HiDive Denver

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