Neon Splash Dash Denver Flashback Portraits

Note: Tickets to the race were provided by Neon Splash Dash. Samsung Mobile provided me with a Galaxy Camera.

This summer Neon Splash Dash came to Denver for the first time. I don’t do too much running unless I am chased, but the thought of glow in the dark photography was super appealing to me.

The event itself was super fun, because we were with our best friends and the general idea was super fun. The actual execution on the ground was a bit disorganized (for example, there was a massive storm right before the race and there was no information about delays via their social media channels… or there was a parking fee that was not listed on their web site and we had to leave to find and ATM). If we went again next year I would ask if they were looking for families to attend or if they wanted a party atmosphere. Personally, it’s a night event, I would rather leave the kids at home, serve drinks and let people dance while they are crazy covered with paint.

Having said that, who could not have fun while running through a course and getting splashed with c=various colors of day-glo and laughing with long-time friends? Also, right about that time Samsung had sent me their Galaxy Camera to check out, not the very newest model with the interchangeable lenses, but the point and shoot that can still connect via sell service. It’s basically an Android phone without the phone but with a very good camera.

I have been seriously impressed with the 21x zoom on this thing and also the macro capability. Towards the end of the Splash Dash, we started taking goofy closeups of each other and I just LOVE them.

Do you think I would freak people out if I printed these large in our living room?

Splash Dash Aimee
Splash Dash Jeff
Splash Dash Danielle
Splash Dash Bryan

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  1. everyfann

    whoah those are so cool.

  2. Anonymous

    dont do it these are creepy!

  3. Tammy

    Wow, this is crazy! I have never seen anything like it!

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