Jane St Vodka Soda

New To Colorado: Jane St Vodka Soda

Many people know I love fruity drinks. I also love soda. So when Jane St Vodka Soda asked me to check out their fruity vodka sodas, I figured we were a match made in heaven. I was right!

Jane St Vodka SodaThe lovely folks at Jane St emailed me right before the holidays and I suggested they send their flavors over for our low-key New Year’s Eve celebrations.

It’s also no secret that I am not a fan of grandiose NYE parties. So much money and too many expectations to live up to. I much prefer to hang out with our best friends, eat lots of yummy food, drink delicious cocktails and play games. (Heads Up is our current favorite because all of us, ages 6 to 46, can enjoy.)

We were able to sample three of the four Jane St Vodka Sodas (unfortunately Peach Peppercorn was out of stock). Our favorite BY FAR was Grapefruit Meyer Lemon. It was just enough sweet to satisfy me, but not too sweet for people like my husband (who usually hates everything I drink). Several times since NYE all four of us (adults) from the gathering have mentioned we needed more of the grapefruit pronto. We also liked the Original Lime quite a bit – it felt just like the name. An original, a staple, that you would keep around all summer long. The one we liked the least was Pineapple Jalapeño, although it was really fascinating how strongly you could taste both flavors. Here is a secret though, we soaked some pineapples in that one and BOOM! Fantastic. I look forward to checking out the peach flavor as soon as possible.

I really love the mix of sweet-but-not-too-sweet, bubbles… and the best part… lower calories! (Original Lime is 100 per serving!) Also, for those watching out for gluten, there is none of that involved either.

Jane St Vodka Soda

As I mentioned, Jane St is joining us in Colorado this year. Prior to this they have been in California and Georgia. Right now they are in about five retail locations just outside the city of Denver but are adding many more this year.

Well, if you haven’t guessed.. we say WELCOME TO COLORADO and can’t wait to see you a ton more this year.

Aimee Giese - Greeblehaus & Friends

Note: Jane St Vodka provided the libations for this post. All words and photos are mine.

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  1. Zipper

    Looks great! Will check them out.

  2. Kate

    What gorgeous bottles!

  3. Kate

    Wow! What an awesome drink. I wish I could try Peach Peppercorn taste. Sounds really tasty!

  4. Ampy

    Hi Elizabeth Wiltgen,

    I’m in Colorado. Would you please be so kind as to giving me a call @ ur earliest about your wonderful brand, I hv a couple of questions please. (213) 925-4336

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