25 Funny Tweets of Christmas

25 Funny Tweets of Christmas 2012

I love the funny people of Twitter, they often keep me sane.
Christmas is no exception.

Enjoy and happy holidays!






















Be sure to follow and star the heck out of these funny people:

@SaraThomas84  |  @TheMainlandBlog  |  @Smethanie

@seriouslyemily  |  @SashaBrenner  |  @juicymorsel

@michelleisawolf  |  @imchriskelly  |  @cpinck  |  @CrankyPappy

@OhNoSheTwitnt  |  @StephenBCramer  |  @prodigalsam

@joeveix  |  @DCDebbie  |  @KyleClark  |  @BillMc7

@FlyoverJoel  |  @TheNardvark  |  @theleanover

@bugfrog (my hubs)  |  @EliBraden  |  @slackmistress

@MrWordsWorth  |  @RexHuppke


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  1. zipper

    Thanks for making my Christmas more fun!

  2. Megan

    These made my night!

  3. Rachel

    I love Bryan’s!

  4. Becky

    Those are great! I love it when you have these posts.

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