New rule in our house!

Declan isn’t allowed to play with dome lights in any of our vehicles.

Because, if he does – he may leave it on and the battery in the vehicle may die after sitting idle for 4 days while Daddy is in Maryland cleaning Oma’s house. And then, maybe the jumper cables won’t reach the vehicle that is way up in the driveway, out of Mommy’s way while Daddy is in Maryland. And then, Daddy may not be able to get the car out of park because the electrical system fails. And then Mommy may go inside to wait because she is cold. And then Daddy may figure out how to get the car in neutral and think he can get the car down the driveway by himself. And then the door of the vehicle may catch on the fence and rip off the door handle. And then Daddy may have to come in and sheepishly ask for help pushing the vehicle down the driveway, in the dark, after a Wiggles concert.

You never know. Could happen.

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