Nina Storey – Live in Denver

Note: Nina provided concert tickets but all words and photos are mine.

We moved to Denver in 1994, and the name Nina Storey has floated around my consciousness since then. She was one of those artists that you listened to her albums, and thought, DAMN. Her voice kills. And you saw the posters for shows around town and swore you were going.

But for whatever reason, I never did. (I know. Ugh.)

Nina moved to LA five years ago, but around here, she will always be Coloradoan.

I saw her new album, “Think Twice” pop up on my Rdio new releases in early January and I have been listening non-stop ever since. It’s seriously SO good. Something that makes you feel good. In particular, I love the title track, “Gimmie Some,” “Private Army,” “Come Back,” “Run For Cover,” and the stunningly beautiful “This Naked Woman.”

THEN when Nina popped up on my concert alerts, I immediately requested a photo pass. Nina immediately wrote back and asked what the heck “Greeblemonkey” meant.

Oh yeah. This was gonna be fun.


And that’s the thing, just like her music (six albums to date) Nina in concert is fun, kind, engaging and damn gorgeous.


NinaStorey_06 NinaStorey_11


NinaStorey_15 NinaStorey_10

She has two upcoming shows and you can guess which one I will be attending.

May 21st
Hollywood, CA
Hotel Cafe

July 6th
Denver, CO
Cherry Creek Arts Festival (free)

Seeing as I went all this time missing Nina Storey concerts, I have some making up to do.

Nina provided concert tickets but all words and photos are mine.

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  1. zipper

    WHOAH! Great pics! Going to check out her albums.

  2. WilderJanie

    I love her! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Karen

    I have seen her before – she is great!

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