Not a good sign…

When the doctor laughs hysterically at you as you are demonstrating the administration of your son’s asthma medication. Apparently we have been doing it wrong for over 6 months now. And he has been getting little, if no, actual medication! (Good thing this was Bryan doing the demo, and not me. It would have launched me back into panic attack mode for sure!)

The good news is, Declan’s lungs were blowing free and clear – even as he is battling a cold!

So, the doctor composed himself, showed Bryan the correct way to administer the puffer and tried to make him feel better by saying many parents have problems with the spacer, which with why he has been asking them to show him.(I personally think the belly laughs for 5 minutes may have been a bit extreme, but at least he got his jollies for the day).

And, since Declan is doing so well, he changed his meds around again and we’ll go from here. But poor Bryan!

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