November Rain

Since I am photographing my first wedding tomorrow, a coworker and I started talking about all the fun weddings we have attended in the past as I was leaving work for the day. He was telling me about this one he went to where the groom had requested that his uncle (the DJ) play the Guns ‘N Roses song “November Rain” during the vows. Apparently the uncle forgot and the groom threw an absolute, yelling, hissy fit over it in the middle of the ceremony. He literally stomped off and sat in his car and refused to be married unless he could say his vows to November Rain. Someone had a version of it on tape and pulled up his old beater car next to the ceremony and opened the trunk… and played the song through his crappy sound system. Not only was it being played through this banged up car, the tape was made from taping off the radio so the wedding party was treated to the banter from the local radio jocks as the song ended.

That’s one of the best stories I have ever heard.

And better yet?

I got in the car… and *I swear to God this is true* – but “November Rain” by GNR was playing on ALICE, this chick station that generally plays Rob Thomas and Kelly Clarkson.

I shit you not!!!!

I speed dialed my coworker and played him the song through my phone… and since the sound quality was just about the same… he relived that lovely, sentimental, romantic moment from so long ago.

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