Now Yore Forty

I especially love how he drew the dog THINKING about how I am 40 today.

Happy birthday me.

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  1. Megan

    What a riot! Happy birthday Aimee!

  2. Sue at nobaddays

    Happy birthday YOU! I love soccer fish! What a great card!

  3. Hip Mom's Guide

    Happy birthday! I just love that card-it’s a keeper.

  4. Mary Lynn

    Have a great birthday, Aimee! I’ll be joining you at 40 in a couple months. It’s not such a bad age to be, is it?

  5. Sizzle

    The dog is very preoccupied with your birthday, it’s true. Heh.

    Hope it’s a GREAT day!

  6. Anonymous

    happy birthday! – m

  7. zenrain

    I love it!! Happy birthday, dear friend!! xoxo, Mar

  8. Fruitlady

    Happy Birthday Darling! Now this is 3 different places online I have wished you happy birthday!

  9. Betty

    Happy birthday! I appreciate your son’s clever way of avoiding the your/you’re spelling trap.

  10. Julie @ The Mom Slant

    I always wondered what dogs thought about.

    Happy birthday, beautiful!

  11. Megan (Best of Fates)

    That dog’s adorable, and he’s clearly sending happy thoughts your way!

  12. kelli martin

    happy Birthday……The best gift ever!!!!!

  13. Justine

    Adorable. Good job, Declan!

  14. Dawn

    Happy, happy birthday…love the card!!! Being 40 is awesome (and the next 10 years will be even better). I’m documenting my countdown to 50 here:

  15. J at

    Happy Birthday! That’s probably the best card I’ve ever seen. 🙂

  16. Kim Hosey

    Love it! He did a great job. Happy birthday to you!

  17. Jyl Johnson Pattee

    Yeah!!!!! Isn’t 40 wonderful. We need to have a belated happy birthday to us party when we see each other next :).

  18. Kelly

    Happy 40th Birthday Aimee!! LOVE yore card!! 🙂 (and the tiara)
    The 40’s are great, come on in!

    OOh! did you get the new Trashcan Sinatras?!?! I did! It sounds good.

  19. Deirdre Malfatto

    a late happy birthday!

  20. keli @ kidnapped by suburbia

    happy birthday, sweet friend!!! hope you have an awesome day! xo

  21. Kim Hosey

    I appreciate your son’s clever way of avoiding the your/you’re spelling trap.

    I was thinking the same thing! I think I prefer “yore forty” to “your forty.”

    Also, I showed the card to my husband, who loves how he managed to remind you THREE TIMES that you’re 40. Husbands can’t get away with the same thing, he noted.

  22. Kari @ p.s.

    Happy Birthday! It was nice meeting you yesterday!

    Love the card from your kid!

  23. Deb

    Happy Birthday Aimee! 40s ROCK!

    That card is fabulous!

  24. Avitable

    Happy birthday! Belatedly. Because I suck.

  25. mapsgirl

    Happy Birthday!!

  26. monstergirlee

    That is almost the best hand-made b-day card every, certainly the best 40 yr old b-day card ever.

    Have fun in Puerto Rico!

  27. faintstarlite

    Happy Birthday Aimee! (a day late)


    Happy 40th.

  29. bookjunkie

    oh how wonderful…love the card!! happy belated birthday..i am turning 40 soon too!!

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