October Greeblemix


Is it October already? It must be, because Declan is waffling every other minute about what he is going to be for Halloween.

Which means it’s time for some NEW MUSIC! Wanna get a free mix CD from me?

1. Comment as often as you like, up until midnight tomorrow, October 5, 2009.
2. The more comments you make, the more chances you have to win.
3. No anonymous comments. Please make sure your email address is easily accessible through your entry!
4. Winners from last month, please take a month off.
5. Tomorrow morning, I will use Random.org to randomly select three winners. Three free mix CDs, three winners!
6. Winners must be willing to give me their snail mail to send the CD.
7. No need to have to have a blog to enter. We are equal opportunity around here.

If you have kids, have they decided on their Halloween costume(s)?

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  1. Pgoodness

    my youngest wants to be Bumblebee…
    or a hot dog…
    or a mailman…

  2. Pgoodness

    my oldest wants to be Optimus Prime

  3. Pgoodness

    wait, my youngest wants to be a doctor…

  4. San

    Yay, another chance to win… 🙂

  5. mrs. f5

    The six-year-old is G.I. Joe, but to be honest, he looks more like a ninja. This may be the appeal.

    The four-year-olds are Power Rangers, one pink and one blue.

    I honestly have no idea how they know who ANY of these characters are. But they do, and man, are they excited.

    Gimme tunes! 🙂

  6. mrs. f5

    Please. I meant to say please. As in, gimme candy, PLEASE.

    Do as I say, kids…

  7. Buttercupyaya

    The 11 year old girl is going to be a harajuku girl. 🙂 she is so excited…she’s talked about it for 3 years (thank you Gwen Stefani) and now is finally actually doing it.I am thinking that the photo ops will be cool!
    The 3 year old boy is deciding between the lamest Thomas the Tankengine costume his dad is tryin go convince him is not cute, and the muscular superman…since he runs around calling himself Super Jacob with capes fashioned from a receiving blanket and a chip clip. lol

  8. Every Day Goddess

    My daughter likes to recycle her costume from the year before, so she will be going as a cheetah again.

  9. Jill

    My son will probably want to be the same thing he has been for the last 3 years- a motorcycle cop with a strap on motorcycle. (sounds a bit naughty, but assured it’s not.)

  10. Tree

    Nearly 8 yo will be Snake Eyes (GI Joe) and my 3 yo insists on being a pink butterfly.

  11. thatgirlblogs

    I wanna get down
    I like to boogie

    oh, and my kids are a monkey and a cat. because that’s what they sell at old navy.

  12. thatgirlblogs

    candycorn makes halloween bearable.

  13. Heather S

    Z found the Evil Queen costume for me at a thrift shop so naturally he wants to be Snow White! We’ve found everything we need for his costume, Snow is pretty popular so the only stitch I had to sew was a bit of altering on the dress to make it fit better. (didn’t *have* to make the costume this year!) We get to Trick-or-Treat at Disneyland first then again back home on the 31st! Gonna be a fun one!

  14. robin

    Yay! I love Halloween! My 3 year old has (literally) talked about her Halloween costume nearly every day since LAST Halloween! We started a fun little game, where she would say “I’m going to be a fork, Ella will be a spoon, Daddy will be a plate, you’ll be a cup!” and on and on…all costume ideas were random but would go together. A couple weeks ago she actually picked one she really wanted, and-miracle of all miracles-stuck with it! Her and her sister and dad are going to be dalmations, and I get to be Cruella Deville! Fun times!

  15. Misty

    My boys, 8 & 9, have chosen to be characters from Ben 10 Alien Force: Spider Monkey and Swamp Fire. I’m going to make their costumes!!!

  16. Jamie

    I never enter this contest but I am soooo in need on new music! Yay for mixed CD’s!

  17. sarai

    No kids yet, but I’ve been really wanting to dress up in black fishnets with a t-shirt with a pink skull and full-on black eyeliner. It might just be my own teenage punk alter ego sneaking out again…

  18. Anonymous

    Yes! Katie is going to be a ladybug. Zachary a dragon and Christopher, a cowboy.
    Diane C.

  19. Jamie

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I made superhero capes for my nephews to wear this halloween. They’re two year old boys and I made a star symbol with a ‘T’ in the middle. They’re “The Terrible’s”. So awesome.

  20. Heather

    your june mix is yet in heavy rotation on the ipod

  21. Heather

    I won last time by…

  22. Heather

    leaving a string of silly…

  23. Heather

    comments. one after the

  24. Heather

    other after the other. 😉

  25. Heather

    I’m feeling lucky (and bored!) pick me, pick me! 🙂

  26. Pgoodness

    husband is taking boys to check out costumes this weekend, so we’ll see how that goes since I won’t be there!

  27. Sarah K

    ii thinks she is gonna be a mermaid but she also thinks Twi is makig her the outfit for sone reason. Delusional is hereditary.

  28. robin

    i think I will just comment one last time…I wanna be a winner!

  29. Sarah K

    Oh and Nell wants to be a cow (again).

  30. Nature Deva

    I love to hear what people put on their mixes!

    As for my son, he decided in August he must be a bat for Halloween and has stuck with that. This weekend he added that he wants to be a bat that drinks blood. I vetoed that one. Told him he could be the kind of bat that eats mosquitos. More appropriate for a kindergartener, imo.

  31. Bridge

    A Witch (pretty) and cat (scary)

  32. K-RIV

    Our 7 year old is WAY into Harry Potter … even got his friend to be Ron. Would love some new music!

  33. Danielle

    Happy October!!

  34. Jim Halligan

    greeble monkey is the bestest ever. now, in spanish: el mono de greeble es el mejor nunca.

  35. nabie12

    We live in Seattle so I decided a Starbucks barista for my 2 yr. old! I can send you a pic of it after halloween! 😉

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