October Greeblepix Photo Contest Finalists! Come Vote!

I am not sure if I have ever talked about how I whittle down the photos to the final 10. I basically just keep shaving and shaving, because I enjoy all the photos for their own special whatever-that-thing-may-be that makes them special. And I am not sure if you have noticed this – but *usually* some sort of theme emerges, even if I don’t specify one. Whether it be in color, or subject, or style. This one, it was in name. There were a ton of “Untitled” photos – maybe not as many in the last cut – but the last cut before the last cut, there were 4 more.

And I enjoyed every single one.

Here are the last last last 10.

Amanda – Our Family

Ambassador – Never Look Back

Amber Monkandmao – Sugar

Annie Hewitt – Newborn

DH Jones – Untitled

Kelly Flair4Hair – Twilight

Michele – The One That Started It All

RE – Downtown LA Art Walk

Tracey Clark – Thoughts On Beeing

Wendersb – Untitled



Who is the October Greeblepix Winner?Market Research

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  1. Bryan

    It was a really tough choice (again) but I had to vote for that one. Amazing.

    Which one? Ahhhhhh. That is a secret. I’m not telling, but it’s the one that you’d see if you looked in that place where that thing was that one time.

    How many pics do you people take? That would be interesting to know. You should title your photos by how many shots it took to get that one shot. Just an idea.

  2. Dawn

    Wow…some great shots here! So hard to choose. Congrats to all of the finalists!

  3. Anonymous

    All good pictures but Kermit got my vote, great picture.

  4. MPPs Mom

    Ever done any analysis on who wins based on their location in the vote list?

    Great photos this month. I’m partial to the silhouettes.

  5. thebludge

    Looooooooooooooooove the “Twilight” pic.
    The lighting is fabulous!

  6. zipper

    Great as always! So hard to choose. I really like the kid closeup and the frog!

  7. Amber

    I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing group! Good luck to everyone!

  8. R.E. ~

    Amazing shots! It is hard to believe that mine is one of the finalists! Thank you!
    Good luck to everyone!

  9. Sarah Jones

    I always love the talented and diverse photos each month!

  10. the wanna be country girl

    I voted. I’m a sucker for close-up insects and flowers. The bee picture did it for me!

  11. Michele Drumm Photography

    Oh. I am so excited to be chosen as one of the finalists. They are all great photos! Good luck to everyone.

  12. SJ

    Wow, some really good photos to choose from, so good that I had a hard time choosing!

    Seriously, stunning stuff from those that entered.

  13. piecesofmejen.com

    gorgeous stuff, wow! that baby shot has my vote!

  14. Anne

    Ok lady… i do think on the whole, this is the best group yet. I had a really hard time narrowing it down… in the end, as always, i’m a sucker for a canine.

  15. gonzomama

    i had a really hard time choosing this month! great photos.

  16. Bridget

    These are really some of my favorite Greeblepix yet!

    I love Greeblepix time!

  17. zenrain

    oh no! i missed being able to vote! what a tough decision this time, though! i had a hard time picking a favorite!

  18. Ambassador

    A – thanks for including me in this awesome group. Bummed that I missed the vote, but I love the winning pic!

  19. Kelly

    oh man! I missed voting!! 🙁
    Thanks for including mine in the finals!

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