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Virtually Escape with Zoom Backgrounds

I have been working remotely for nine years now. But I almost always have clients enter the meeting with video off under the guise (and truth!) that I am just going to share my screen. Since we have been in quarantine, clicking that link to open up yet another meeting where I now have to be on screen has become almost painful. Then I discovered (like many of us) that I can change my background image and a whole new world opened up.

Suddenly I’m no longer sheltering-in-place at home, I’ve escaped and am living the digital nomad life, taking that meeting from an exotic location. Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it still makes me smile. It’s easy to do if your computer is up for it, and I swear it transforms heading into yet another face-to-virtual-face meeting into, well, at least something better than another virtual meeting.

Zoom Backgrounds Free Downloads - Nature & Travel

With this in mind, here’s a gallery of free background photos from our travels over the years. You are welcome to download and use them in Zoom to your heart’s content. Maybe your daily check-in can be from outside a pub in Ireland, or inside the Louvre courtyard in France. How about overlooking the Tower Bridge, or crossing the Thames in London? A sunny beach in Mexico or Costa Rica? If you are concerned you boss might start to question your travel expenses, try a background from New York City, New Orleans, Seattle, Mount Rushmore, or near here in Winter Park, Colorado.

Download Zoom Backgrounds

Take a look, and if you see any you like, simply download them with the down arrow in the left-side menu. I know loading a custom Zoom background may be a little silly, but it brings a glimmer of joy to my day, and I hope you find one or two that brighten your meetings, as well.

If you have any problems, let me know and I’ll get Bryan to help. I’ve got a meeting in “Barcelona” to get to!

Cat - Zoom Backgrounds - Free Download

P.S. Also, check out my nature photos … prints are now on sale!


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