Off To Mexico

It’s been a rough week. My mom had her heart surgery and while she’s holding her own; it’s not an easy thing to recover from. Every day there have been emails and phone calls discussing every aspect of her recovery, and she remains in the ICU. Meanwhile… tomorrow we’re leaving for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico… a long anticipated vacation.

I just added a bunch of minutes to my International plan so that my aunt could call me whenever and however she needed to, but – of course – I am feeling a bit guilty about sitting on the beach sipping piña coladas while my mother sits in the hospital room.

But we need to go. My family is really ready for some time with each other to just be.

See you next week. xoxo

Declan Found A Seashell
Riviera Maya, Mexico, 2006

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  1. karen

    Have fun! Best wishes to your mom.

  2. zipper

    Hope you have a good, relaxing trip.

  3. everyfann

    We’ll miss you! Take lots of photos!

  4. bubblegum casting

    All the best hope your mom is ok not good when parents are in the hospital!

  5. Alexis Marlons

    All the best with your travel. Hoping for the soonest recovery of you mom.

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