Last Night In Lisbon

Tonight is my last night in Lisbon (technically I am in Sintra right now). I leave for Paris tomorrow and then home Sunday.

I have been here for the Web Summit, with its 53,000 attendees. Sure SXSW is big but this is international big. It was also highly focused on entrepreneurship and trade show displays, which was a bit out of my wheelhouse as a freelance web developer. But I still learned a lot about the state of technology, the world, and myself.

This week certainly was been a roller coaster on many levels. Obviously I am crushed by the election, and to be isolated from my family during this has been strange to say the least. Panic inducing would be another way to phrase it.

I know so many people who travel the world by themselves regularly (bravo you!) and I am quite used to it in the US. But as someone who struggles with anxiety – in the end, I am very proud of all I have seen and done here, all while being sick enough to visit the hospital to boot. (Yes! The curse strikes again. My eye got infected from a cold.)

Everyone told me how amazing Lisbon is and – just WOW. Everything about it makes me want to come back with my boys. The people, the architecture, the food, everything. Amazing.

Being alone in a foreign country gives you lots of time to be inside your own head and I keep reminding myself how lucky I am. My husband and son are the light of my life. We live in a fantastic city and have flexibility to change our circumstances come what may… and we have a strong tribe of smart, thoughtful and fun friends who will get us through the next four years. Thank you for all your friendship and love!

See you from the USA again soon. I have so many photos to share… of course.

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