Photo Accompaniment to Memory Lane

I got nostalgic after my Snippets post. So I pulled out my photo albums.

And laughed my ass off.

And I figured you would enjoy it too, so HERE! I stopped at 10 years ago, in 1997. Because my hairs looks exactly the same as then and so does Bryan’s. Where’s the fun in that?!?! Not to mention, I am pretty sure that’s when my diabetes started and I blew up like a roasted pig.


Have I mentioned my dad was a sailor and I grew up on a boat?

Apparently I got some sort of “Cherry Disease,” around age 5.

Here’s a question fer ha – how is that measly plastic barrier going to stop a barreling toddler? P.S. I am the blond, my sister the brunette.

One my only successful attempts at ponytails. Ever.

My sister once put her tooth through her lip by falling down that hatch. Oops, I mean, “Look how cute we are on the boat!”

This is when I decided to start coloring my hair, because it *used* to be naturally blond. And I thought brown looked “unnatural.” P.S. Hi Wendy!

This photo cracks up because my Aunt Kitty and her 4 year old grandson Michael are like twins. And I am wearing a shirt that looks like a sherbet truck threw up on me.

Apparently my Cherry Disease was contagious. (Yes, that’s Marabeth!)

This was my absolute favorite project in college and I talk about it all the time as an adult graphic designer. {Insert cranky old man voice } …”If ONLY the young whippersnappers these days had to paint a color chart like we did! THEN they would REALLY understand color!”

Um, yeah… we don’t talk about my days living in Florida much when we have meetings at work to discuss our sun safety projects. P.S. Hi Kimm!

This is Caroline, Aimee and Mona. At a college dance. In FREAKING. UGLY. DRESSES.

Sniff sniff, my baby sister graduated from high school. But, even more sad, the gap between my teeth had started to come back.

And then I graduated college. 1/2 semester early, thank you vera much! WOOT! Notice me clutching that thing in a death grip? I was all ready to grab it and run for the beach and goof off for the other 1/2 semester.

The only time in my life my hair was this long. Hang on. I just need a minute to enjoy it. {Deep breath} Sigh… OK, I am better now. P.S. Hi Gwen!

I seriously think we actually planned the matching polka dots. I can’t remember for sure, but I really think we did. P.S. Hi Patty!


Yes, his hair was effing long! But this was after a major cut, actually. But more importantly, who the f*&% wears socks over their tights???

Guess which one is Bryan and which one is me. No guess. OK, I’ll tell you: Bryan is the one with the AWESOME hair.

And then it kept getting shorter and shorter. This was during his “New Wave Period.” Which cracked me up because it was like 1995.

My most favorite photo of Bryan ever.

And then, yes! I agreed to let him shave it after our wedding! He quickly grew it back though. He didn’t like being confused for a skinhead.

Ahhh. Here I am during my stint working for Corporate America. The flowers! Save me from the flowers!

I told you I have a dirndl. And I wasn’t kidding about the ponytails.

And here is where my hair starts to look exactly like it in now and I blow up like a balloon. Thank you, good night! P.S. Hi Dana!


OK, now go off and do the same on your blogs, or email me some fun ones!

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  1. Anonymous

    ha ha ha! those were awesome!!

  2. MPPs Mom

    OMG that was great fun. LOVED IT!

  3. Sue at nobaddays

    Oh, the dirndl. I love the dirndl. And the ones of Bryan doing his best Boy George. Will do the same (the photos – not the Boy George thing) as soon as things settle down.

  4. Sizzle

    the sherbert truck comment made me snort. ha ha!

    this was fun. thanks for sharing!

  5. Sarah

    I am dying over Bryan’s hair. Or lack of it.

  6. joansy

    Those were fabulous. I think Bryan should grow out his hair again. That was seriously great hair.

  7. zenrain

    LOVE IT!!! it’s so fun to be nostalgic! thanks for adding me 🙂

  8. Colleen

    I did this already…. sort of… (I went a tad overboard with the pictures… and gave up on words).

  9. merrymishaps

    How fun! OK, I’ll have to think about doing something like this … only it might not be all in one post. I don’t have time to scan that many photos lately 🙂

    And, I might also have a photo of my college-age husband (then boyfriend) in drag. Wearing my dress, which is funny because he’s got about 50 pounds on me now!

  10. Skippy

    That dirndel is way cool.

  11. creative-type dad

    New Wave in 1995!!! That’s FUNNY.

  12. Mrs. Chicken

    I did this today, too!

  13. painted maypole

    that was fun!

  14. Builder Mama

    You look HOT in that dirndl!

    Bryan had some really fabulous hair, too.

    Great post. I am weeping a bit over our scanner being broken though, sniff sniff. I have some pretty good ones too.

  15. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Thanks everyone!

    Liz – I actually just took photos of the pages in my photo albums! To remove them would have been major surgery!

    And Lisa – You need to send a bunch of those to Sarah Brown’s Bershon group!!! 🙂

  16. sue

    Oh, my! What fun.
    Why do the guys always have the great hair? …and eyelashes? *sigh*

    I’ll have to get really drunk to post photos like this on my blog. 😉

  17. Anonymous

    The bald head is killing me!

  18. The Lisa Show

    Thanks for sharing that. I love old photos. 🙂 My dad used to have an old nikon slr and he took pictures of me everywhere. Most of the time I was glaring at him.

  19. Old Friend

    These have been really fun to look at – thanks for sharing!


    I have had to do that color chart so many times in my life- I must admit that I’ve dropped several painting classes because I could not endure the pain of the color chart. I eventually made it through though. Ugh. Those things SUCK!

  21. mayberry

    Fab. Fab, fab, fab! I totally have one of those college dance ones, and many others to rival yours … but alas! no dirndl.

  22. blogapotamus

    I find sometimes that it is very depressing to have a husband who has better hair than I do. (The Rock Star’s hair is long and ginger.) Bryan’s hair is wicked!

    Strangely enough, I also lived on a boat. From 2000 up until January of this year. House prices here in the UK are staggering and The Rock Star and I couldn’t afford a house, so we opted to live on an English narrow boat on the Grand Union Canal. Sometimes, I still miss the padding of little duck feet on our roof to wake us up…

  23. Gwen

    My hair looks exactly the same today as it does in that 15 year old picture.
    I’m making a hair appt. now….

  24. Tree

    I enjoyed the stroll down memory lane with you! My best friend from college – after she dropped out of engineering school – painted the same color chart. I was in awe of her accomplishment.

    I adore the pic of you and Bryan back to back on the beach.

  25. Woodland Fairy

    I loved your pictures!! 😀

  26. Shelly

    Bryan looks just like one of the member’s of Depeche Mode in “your favorite photo ever” of him. No wonder you married him ;)!

  27. Andie


    I actually have some fun photos. Maybe I’ll do this post soon… part of noblopo… you know what I mean.

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