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Photos: New Politics at the Gothic Theatre

The Danish band New Politics has quite a reputation around Denver. Our indie radio station KTCL has had them play at several large concerts, like last year’s Keggs & Eggs… but for some reason I’ve missed every one. When I saw they were coming back to the Gothic Theatre with Bad Suns and Some Kinda Wonderful, I knew I *had* to photograph the show. Both opening bands were good, especially Bad Suns who I had covered at (again, KTCL’s) Big Gig this summer.

I gotta say, Some Kinda Wonderful was a bit overly into themselves – the lead singer especially, but in general they were fun. I *loved* the lady drummer and they all had the crowd going, so definitely a fun band. Bonus points if you can name their single. (P.S. It’s called “Reverse,” but that took 10 minutes of googling because: SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL IS MANY THINGS, PEOPLE. To understand my frustration on this point, read this post.)

Some Kinda Wonderful band

Some Kinda Wonderful band

Some Kinda Wonderful band

Bad Suns was clearly more comfortable than the last time I saw them. Don’t get me wrong, they were great at Fiddler’s Green, but they whole group seemed more loose, more ready to own the stage. Also, more blue. Y’all can take up the Avatar appearance with the lighting dude at the Gothic. (P.S. thanks for playing “Salt” last so I could dance to it when I was finished taking pics.)

Bad Suns

Bad Suns

Bad Suns Bad Suns

Bad Suns

New Politics

OK. For real. If you have never heard or seen New Politics before, I predict you will in the very near future. These guys rocked my face off, and could probably charm their way out of a paper bag. Their album, “A Bad Girl In Harlem” has been on constant repeat around this house for over a year but it’s their live show that is one of the most impressive I have seen in a long time. Singer David Boyd and guitarist Søren Hansen were all over the stage while Louis Vecchio pounded the drums. I mean ALL over the stage. I missed Søren throwing his guitar in the air and barely caught David’s famous breakdancing, but see for yourself. I took a lot of photos. They are also the first band I have ever heard do justice to a Beastie Boys cover.


New_Politics_01 New_Politics_21






New_Politics_20 New_Politics_25








New_Politics_17 New_Politics_23





P.S. Thanks to David Boyd for making every attempt to credit me on his instagram.

Concert tickets provided by New Politics. All words and photos are mine.

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  1. Sam

    Awesome pictures! Love the ones of New Politics. I got a few from when they opened for Paramore & Fall Out Boy on Momentour this summer, but I was way far back. And you’re right, they are so fun to see live. Looking forward to when our paths cross again, for sure!

    • Aimee

      Thanks! I will forever request to shoot them, that is for sure!

  2. Julie Anders

    You are so good at this Aimee!

  3. Zipper

    Wow. These are awesome as usual. And I love this band!

  4. Kate Majers

    Whouh! They are smoking!!!

  5. Kim @ This Belle Rocks

    Aimee, these photos are wonderful! This is the first chance I’ve had to come look at the rest of them, and you really did them justice! I still haven’t written my review from the October show I attended in Atlanta 🙁

    I say it all the time but I (a girl who is definitely more into punk/alt/metal) LOVE this band so so SO much. I don’t know why, but they’re definitely different than anything I’ve ever seen. I’ve had the opportunity to see them three times now, and it’s been a different experience each time, since they have been steadily gaining in popularity since I first saw them. I can’t wait to see them get even bigger and more well-known!

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