Please Don’t Make Me Be A Bitch

“Excuse me, I was here first.”

These are words I had to utter this morning as I attempted to speak to a summer camp supervisor at drop-off.

As another parent gave me a look of complete disgust.

After that same parent came up to talk to the supervisor well after I had been waiting there at least 10 minutes.

There was no mistake, she was completely trying to jump ahead and me and forced me to stand my ground.

I hate that.

Why do *I* have to be the bitch? Why did she have to give me the eye contact equivalent of the middle finger when *she* was the one in the wrong?

I find this happens so often.

Trust me, I have enough bitchiness inside – that I work to control… I don’t need other people forcing me to act harshly just to get a fair shake.

Why does this feel so ugly?
Why do I care what this woman thinks?
How can one little moment leave a stain on your whole day?

I think I need some scream therapy.

Chop Suey

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  1. monstergirlee

    Ya know what? SHE was in the wrong. Shake it off babe, you were fine. (still sucks, I know)

  2. SUEB0B

    And while we’re yelling about things that make us yelly, how about when you do something nice, like hold the door for someone, and they brush past and either do not meet your eyes, or give you a look of disgust? What is up with that? Did no one ever teach them that a small “Thank you” is appropriate?

  3. Aimee Giese

    OMG Sue – that drives me NUTS!!!

  4. Sizzle

    I hate when that happens. I take it hard. Where are manners in this world? Whatever happened to being polite? It kind of breaks my heart that people are so ME FIRST and they are passing that shit onto their kids.

  5. Meghann

    O-M-G, I hate this stuff. When other kids are rude to my kids and look to me for comfort, I want to tell them that someday it will get better. Everyone will grow up and turn into adults and there will be no more bullies. Except that’s a load of crap. I still get bullied, and I think some people even get worse as they get older.

  6. Everyfann

    Blargh. People like that make me really angry too.

  7. Anonymous

    sorry you had a bad day – m

  8. Anonymous

    I find most people are not taught manners anymore. The older I get, the more frustated I become because I feel the same way you do. You do the right thing, and then someone ALWAYS screws you !

  9. Stephanie Spencer

    Interestingly, this is an emerging theme in my therapy – not wanting to be thought of as ‘mean.’ I can’t help but think others need therapy more than I – maybe I should start saying that when assholes try to make me the asshole.

    Keep on keepin’ on. I would have apologized and we would have both felt nice 🙂

  10. zipper

    People are just really jerks. Ugh. I hate that too.

  11. J at

    I don’t want to let crap like this get to me, but when it happens, it really can make me crabby for awhile.

  12. J at

    I don’t want to let crap like this get to me, but when it happens, it really can make me crabby for awhile.

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