Prepare The Barf Bags

I am not a big fan of flying. I mean, I like that it gets me from Point A to Point B quickly… but I get motion sickness, I have a mild fear of heights and then, of course, the long legs that get tangled up in the tiny spaces they make you sit in these days. (Yes, I am the wench who always has her legs hanging out in the aisle. There is no where else to put them, people!)

So, as I head to New Mexico this bleary morning (getting up at 5am when you are on a sleep aides is tres not fun), the one thing I make sure I have is Dramamine.

The funny thing is, the client in New Mexico has scheduled meetings on top of previously scheduled flights for the 3rd time in a row. Thus making me to do the bumpy, hellacious (but at least quick) ride along the Rockies down to Albuquerque plus another flight in the same week. This time, I get to fly again when we go to San Diego on Thursday. I am oozing with excitement.

Well, actually, I am oozing with excitement about the trip, just not the possible barf bag moments along the way.

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