Puerto Rico : Luquillo Beach & Old San Juan

One of the very best things about the resort we stayed in was its location. In a single day, we were able to spend the morning and lunchtime on Luquillo Beach and in their famous Kiosks – then drive over to Old San Juan for the afternoon to explore a bit while watching the sun set.

Puerto Rico Four - 17

We were jazzed to try out Luquillo Beach (just a 10 minute drive) after I read that Frommer’s listed it as their Best Family Beach in Puerto Rico. It really was lovely, tranquil and easy. Public restrooms, public showers (for $1.00), and white sandy beaches made it REALLY easy to spend the day there – playing. I like easy.

Puerto Rico Four - 19

We also managed to make, in my humble opinion, our very best sand castle of the entire trip there.

Puerto Rico Four - 26

On the back side of the beach, and where we had our lunch, are the Luquillo Kiosks (or Kioskos). These were very interesting to me. EVERYONE said we HAD to visit these. To have fried foods and coconut milk.

Puerto Rico Four - 05

However, we were fairly shocked by the mixture of upscale, medium-scale and downright – um – garbage-heap that were all lined up right next to each other, one by one, down the row of the kiosks.

Puerto Rico Four - 06

Having said that, EVERYONE, and I really mean EVERYONE this time, said to go to Kiosk #2 (La Parilla) for the mofongo – which happens to be my favorite Puerto Rican food. They were absolutely right. Ab-so-lutely the best meal we had all week.

Vegans avert your eyes.

Puerto Rico Four - 15

So, with a full belly, no more sand in our you-know-where’s after our $1 showers, and the afternoon to kill – we headed back west to the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan. Specifically, to the historic district of Old San Juan.

Puerto Rico Four - 36

I reminded me of what maybe Cuba looks like… -?

And also the Miami art deco areas.

Puerto Rico Four - 55

Old San Juan is particularly famous for it’s blue cobblestones. Which I kept explaining the coolness of to Declan over and over again and he kept disagreeing; he thought it was silly that they had not paved over them yet with a “real road.”


Puerto Rico Four - 53

We walked around, took in the architecture, had a lovely ceviche dinner…

Puerto Rico Four - 52

The only thing we did not fully explore were the ancient forts of El Morro and San Cristobal.

Puerto Rico Four - 44

There’s always next time, right?

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  1. Megan

    I am just loving these recaps! GREAT PHOTOS!!!!!

    And how is your mom?

  2. zipper


  3. Bryan

    Feel like I’m there again! Beautiful.

    There was a big art fair that day, too, which gave us a lot to browse and see. Dex bought a handmade notebook with his own money. He was pretty proud.

  4. Angela

    Wow. SOOOO gorgeous!

  5. William

    Your photo’s are really cool, and your storytelling style with them is great.

  6. Sizzle

    Gorgeous shots! (I expect no less from you.) I love the vivid colors and that blue.

  7. What I Say Matters!

    Wonderful Pictures!!!

  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Nay – it is flank steak. They also serve mofongo with chicken and seafood – YUM.

  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And thanks for the compliments, all! 🙂

  10. NaysWay

    Oh, oh oh oh, lady, I’m digging these photos. And what the heck is under the meat in that dish? Me (might) likey!

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