Puscifer - Denver Concert Photos - Mission Ballroom

Puscifer at Mission Ballroom Denver

After a six year hiatus, Puscifer (the creative brain-dump band of Tool’s Maynard James Keenan) joined us in Denver at the Mission Ballroom. The show started with a video explaining that if attendees try to capture the show, they may end up as ingredients of SPAM. Keenan was joined by permanent members Mat Mitchell and Carina Round (who I recently saw with Tears For Fears) – but there were many secret agents in the wings to enforce that SPAM thing.

A Puscifer show really almost can be considered performance art, but to say that would discount the music as well as the vocal talents on display. While the agents tracked space aliens and Keenan jokingly needed reminders from Round as to where they are performing, the band wandered between rock, industrial and electronica … as any good creative brain child would. It was funny, but also just damn good.

The band picks up their tour in October, winding through the southern and eastern US. While you may have to suppress your urge to record the event (or be whisked away as Puscifer character Billy D. was below), I highly recommend you catching this spectacle any time you can.

Puscifer – Denver Concert Photos

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