Quirky Friday

Both Ali from Cheaper Than Therapy and Katja from Skimbaco tagged me for a meme to reveal 6 quirky things. Except Ali’s was 6 quirky things about Declan and Katja’s was 6 quirky things about me. So, I am ever the cheater and have decided to combine them.



1. He talks like Dr. Evil half the time.
Well, the be fair, it’s a combination of baby talk and Dr. Evil and IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY! I can’t say I blame him, because Bryan talks in silly voices constantly, so I am sure the apple is following the apple tree. And sometimes it really *is* hilarious. Lately he is starting to jut out his chin even – I wonder when the pinky will get involved?

2. He can’t watch movies of any kind without crying.
We are those parents. We held back TV, especially violent TV, so he still mainly watches the Wiggles. OK, now Schoolhouse Rock. But it has kind of backfired on us, because he cannot comprehend an actual storyline of a movie and he is so damn sensitive, he worries about everyone and everything going on in the movie. So, those thinking that he picked up Dr. Evil from us letting him watch Austin Powers, don’t. He’s never even made it past 10 minutes into Nemo, A Bug’s Life, Monster’s Inc. He cries through CURIOUS GEORGE, because he is worried that George won’t make it out of his hijinks. The only one he really has embraced is Cars, and we still have to skip the tractor tipping scene.

3. He likes to dance naked.
I asked him what his quirks were and this is what he told me. What can I say?



1. I can’t type.
I hunt and peck. With 3 fingers. Very very fast. And LOUD. Those with offices around me can attest to this. It sounds like a woodpecker shares my office half the time. (Oh, and thank god for spellcheck.)

2. I am a leg tapper.
I bounce my legs. Not both at the same time, mind you. But each of them, vigorously, at separate times. ALL the freaking time. It drives Bryan crazy. Especially when we are at lunch and I am shaking the whole table and I don’t even realize it.

3. I am John Cusack from High Fidelity.
I have always loved music and in turn, making mix tapes (and now CDs). It’s like an obsession to find the right music for the right person. My friend Stacie sent me the book Love Is A Mix Tape and inscribed it with “to my friend who knows there is a song for everything.” I LOVE. MAKING. MIX. CDS.


Speaking of. Have you noticed it is February 1st?


The first 3 commenters who share a quirk about themselves gets them. One CD/quirk per person. And if you got a CD last month, take a month off, please!

And after we’ve got the winners, keep the quirks coming! Good fun for a Friday!

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  1. Nancy

    I am a dental floss freak.

    Like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman … I have looked odd excusing myself to go floss.

  2. Tanaya

    First! Woohoo!

    This is dumb, but I only like to drink water out of glass…not water bottles or plastic cups. I pour water out of bottles into glasses.

  3. Rachel

    Cheese on meat is bad. Can’t eat it.

    That was a really cute way to combine two memes!
    Great job.
    Dr. Evil, huh. Interesting 🙂

  4. Sizzle

    the poor dear is so sensitive- bless his heart. 🙂 i love that he said dancing naked was his quirk. hee hee.

    i’ve been really wanting to read “love is a mixed tape”- yay for mixed tapes!

  5. Tree

    I am so bummed I missed out on the CD Giveaway again!

    So, a quirk. Hm. When I am stressed, I tug at my eyebrows and can end up with a gap instead of a nicely arched brow.

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Woo hoo!

    Congrats to Nancy, Tanaya and Mrs. Chicken – the winners this month!

    But we’re all freaks, err, I mean winners, in my heart!

    WiredMonkey… I used to have to do that, pre-meds, I had what I called “Sleep Movies” – all the silly chick flicks that I had seen a millions times. And so they didn’t bother Bryan I would make the TV all dark and just listen to them really, really low. Now that’s freaky.

  7. Gretchen

    Funny quirks? Where to I start…

    The first thing I do after I get out of bed is put my hair up – either in a clip or a pony. I love having long hair, but hate it when it’s loose – unless I’ve taken the time to straighten it.

  8. zipper

    I missed the CD again. Damn.

    My quirk? I read way to many mommy blogs for a guy.

  9. Katja of skimbaco.com

    Thanks for playing along, and I will never forget how to spell you name 🙂 🙂


  10. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    CRAP did I mess up yours??????? I PROMISE it was not intentional.

  11. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I am seriously such an asshole. I think I was thinking skimbaco was from “Kim” – you can forever call me whatever the hell you want. Starting with idiot.

  12. Ali

    ooh…i love john cusack in high fidelity 😉 and i, too, love me some mix tapes.

  13. Natalie

    “and we still have to skip the tractor tipping scene.”

    That’s too cute. Is he worried about the tractors or is it the big mean machine he’s afraid of?

    Hmmm, I’ll share a quirk about me. No wait, I’m perfect.

    Okay, okay, I chew the insides of my cheek.

  14. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Natalie – I totally do that too. I am surprised I don’t make a hole sometimes.

  15. Mrs. Chicken

    OOOOH! I’m no 3!

    I love to douse my potato chips in malt vinegar and then I add even more salt. I like the ones at the bottom best, the ones that are soaked with the vinegar. I’ve been doing this since I was six years old.

    Do I win?? Do I???

  16. WiredMonkey

    Man…I missed out on the GIVEAWAY!! I hate that. 🙁 Well, I’ll give ya the quirk anyway…

    I have to have a television on in the bedroom to go to sleep. If I can’t turn it on, I end up staying awake thinking, my mind just rambling from one odd (and sometimes depressing) subject to another. It’s not pretty. So, I put on Friends, Frasier and Monk DVDs to lull me off to sleep, cause I’ve seen the episodes so many times I’m not actually sucked in by the storylines. Yep – I’m a freak.

  17. zenrain

    i have to open any public doorknob with my sleeve or elbow…

  18. Melissa

    I am addicted to lip gloss. I can’t stand to have chapped lips. Plus my lips have so little color that I feel like I look ill without anything on.

    YAY – Another cd mix! But, boo, I am too late to win. I need some new music inspiration, desperately. Bring it on!

  19. Kaytabug

    uh, I am just a tad weirded out that I share the same 3 quirks as you. I do have a hard time remembering titles or who sung the song…but the rest of #3 is all me. My hubby and I have 7 “soundtracks”, we are working on compiling the 8th. We have been married 8 and half years but it’s not like we set out to make one a year.

    As if sharing the same 3 quirks with you isn’t quirky enough, I will share one more. As a treat for myself and most defiantly quirky…I like to eat a raw potato(peeled) and I dash salt on almost every crunchy bite.

  20. WiredMonkey

    Greeblemonkey – Yep, I know exactly what you’re saying. So I don’t bother Mrs. Monkey, I have a pair of wireless headphones that I wear while I sleep. Yeah…it’s sad. LOL…

  21. Beckie

    The CD mixing thing – my husband does that and I always thought it was…well, strange. So it has sort of been like a dirty little family secret – he always wants to give them to people and I’m always…uh, no, let’s get them something else.

    After reading this maybe he is not as strange as I thought.

    Thanks….I think.

  22. painted maypole

    i know what you mean about movies, we just took MQ to her first one ina theatre a few weeks ago (Veggie Tales) and she was terrified. don’t think we’ll be going back soon.

  23. Sandy C.

    Our daughter is similar in some ways. She is terrified of some things on TV and movies. Like Swiper from Dora…She’ll run SCREAMING!

    I’m a total leg tapper too. My mom used to slap my legs all the time as a kid to stop. I still do it now…

  24. gorillabuns

    I go through periods where I have to wrinkle my nose in a succession of three times before answering the phone or responding to someone’s question, etc.

    Actually, it’s not quirky – it’s messed up.

  25. Shannon

    I have to eat plain potato chips with ketchup. No ketchup, no chips for me.

  26. Sarah O.

    Don’t ALL guys like to dance naked?

    Also, hope Mr. Greeblemonkey’s doing well. I read your comment on Fluid Pudding’s blog.

    Again, you and I sure have a lot of favorite blogs in common. Weird!

  27. nutmeg

    I NEW I loved that kid! I have four, count them, four naked dancers! The moon comes out regularly too around here! No Dr, Death though. I’m stuck with two Hannah Montana southen drawwwwls! Funny momma blogger say what?

  28. Binkytown

    I like salads but refuse to eat lettuce on a sandwich. What do you make of that? Feel free to send me a mix cd just because you feel like it 🙂

  29. carrie

    I can’t sleep with a ponytail in. Freaks me out.

  30. Jaxon

    Aimee and Wiredmonkey? My 29 year old daughter shares your quirk. She has to have a “happy movie” on when she goes to bed. When she was young I had to buy 3 copies each of Pretty Woman and Baby Boom because she kept wearing out the VHS tapes. Now she uses DVDs so they don’t seem to wear out but it use to drive me crazy having to buy the same tapes again and again.

  31. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    Crap. I’m not even close to being in the first three (and I really want a mixed cd) but still, I give you a quirk:

    I can’t sit still so I made up a game to play on a calculator.

  32. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Kaytabug and Sarah O – it’s becasue we are all incredibly cool.

    Jaxon – my “Sleep Movies” consisted mainly of all the Working Title films. Hugh Grant still makes me groggy.

    And Sarah Goon Squad – that is HILARIOUS!

  33. Em

    *wiping away the tears of laughter from Aimee’s last comment*
    This isn’t the quirk I was planning on sharing but I totally have a phobia of a rat coming up the toilet and biting me. (and this because my grandma once saw a rat dart into her toilet when the entered the bathroom. FREAKY MUCH?!?)

    Okay, I was actually going to share my quirk of engaging my entire upper body (and sometimes my entire body) when stretching. My hands high above my head, my chin up and my back arched.

    Only really noticed it because my 6mo daughter does it too. Only difference is she looks adorable while doing it. I’m sure I just look goofy.

  34. Kelly O

    I hear you on the movies thing. But I think it might be more about the kid and less about the exposure to violence. My 4-year-old is extra sensitive, too, but my 2-year-old, who has gotten pretty much the exact same dose of mildness on TV, thinks cartoon hijinks are hilarious.

  35. Maurice

    Three Quirks About My Son Owen (4-years-old):
    1. He will not walk into stores that have the double doors unless my wife holds open one set and I hold the other. He says he’s afraid of being trapped there, but then he’ll climb under his captain’s bed and hide in the dark.

    2. Any movie with a dog automatically is the best. Sadly he’a allergic to dogs.

    3. Whenever he wrestles with me he rips off his shirt and says “I’ll Take Care of This!” Any guy with his shirt off is known as “Booby Guy”.

    3 Quirks About My Daughter McKenna (5-years-old):
    1. She’s a very gentle girl until you get her on the soccer field, at which point she’s an enraged bulldozer with one mission: get the ball. And when she kicks the ball she screams like Serena Williams when she hits the ball.

    2. She can, and will, fart on command. It’s frankly a little frightening how prodigious she can be with this skill.

    3. She explains everything she does wrong as “sleepwalking”. Why’d you hit your brother? Sleepwalking. Why are you out of bed? Sleepwalking. Why are you in the refrigerator? Sleepwalking.

  36. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Maurice, those are awesome!

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