Rough Day

OK, so it finally happened. I went to pick Declan up and when I asked how he day was, instead of the usual, “great!” – I got the look from his teacher. You know. That look. Where I knew he must of been a complete shit today. Apparently his refusal to take a nap reached new heights and she just got plain old fed up with him. Seeing as this is the very first time we have gotten the look from a teacher since he started school two years ago, I shouldn’t complain. But we still had a very serious talk about it on the way home. I also told him that if I get the look from any of his teachers again, some of his toys would be packed away for two weeks. That made him give me another kind of look.. the “oh shit” look.

But he obviously wasn’t through for the day. During bedtime, Declan got mad at Bryan and hauled off and smacked him. And to add insult to injury, Declan is exactly at groin height – so Bryan got more than just the slap of a near-four-year-old. Wowee, Declan got an instant time out and also Bryan removed himself from the rest of the bedtime procedures. He was seriously pissed. And for Bryan to get pissed, you know it’s bad.

It just makes me so sad when my normally lovely little boy turns into a demon. However, I do believe there is something in the wind right now because I have been feeling like a demon all week myself. Maybe there are solar flares right now? Who the hell knows. My guess (for me, anyway – I don’t know what Declan’s deal is) it’s because my sinus infection will not go away (doc called in a new and improved Rx for me today) and my blood sugars are all over the place. Either way, I kind of know where the kid is coming from. Still doesn’t make it cool to be a pill at school and then haul off an whollop your daddy.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day all around.

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