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Saint Motel and KOLARS at Ogden Theatre

I had seen Saint Motel at group shows from KTCL Channel 93.3 like Keggs & Eggs and Big Gig, but that was several years ago. Since then, they have been crushing it with the Saintmotelevision album and 2019’s Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Part 1 EP. The band headlined the Ogden Theatre in late January for their “Motion Picture Show Tour” extravaganza. Saint Motel promised more than a regular old concert – and they delivered.

Openers KOLARS started the show as a husband-wife team powerhouse, complete with percussionist Lauren Brown tap-dancing on the drum while pounding away. In full glam and glitter, singer Rob Kolar provided complimentary acrobats on both the stage and guitar.

For Saint Motel, we had a narrator for the evening who accompanied the spectacular stage set – full of lights, framed electronic photos, and fun tricks like AJ Jackson ducking behind his keyboards yet still appearing on the screen in front of them. There were costume changes and traipsing through the crowd, but really – Saint Motel could stand there and sing without theatrics and be entertaining. All the guys seem like they genuinely enjoy performing – and Jackson’s voice is phenomenal.

Saint Motel continues the fun here in the States then into Europe through the spring. I’m hoping it doesn’t take me four years to see them again here in Denver!

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Saint Motel – Denver Photos

KOLARS – Denver Photos

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