Moon Taxi at Summit Denver

Always love finally seeing a band that I have liked for ages but never managed to see in concert. Such was the case recently with Moon Taxi at Summit Music Hall in Denver. Their music effortlessly blends indie rock vibes with a hint of southern charm. In concert, they’re a burst of energy, lighting up the stage with their electrifying performances and lots of smiles. Trevor Terndrup, the lead singer has a magnetic stage presence that kept the crowd hooked from start to finish. Whether you’re grooving to their radio hits or getting lost in their mesmerizing guitar solos, Moon Taxi knows how to put on a show that leaves you smiling from ear to ear. They effortlessly connect with their fans, and created an atmosphere that feels more like a gathering of friends than a typical concert.

Next up, Moon Taxi has a three-night stint at The Windjammer in South Carolina this June. Hopefully folks in that part of the country can catch them for some breezy summer fun!

Moon Taxi – Denver Concert Photos

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