Langenargen Germany

Schloss Montfort

We shipped one of those Pod things from my aunt’s house in MD and it arrived safely today. Mostly we sent mundane stuff like the mattress Heidi had just purchased so Dex can finally have a new bed.

But the single most important thing to me personally was this painting by my (great) Onkel Heinrich in Germany. Some friends may recognize the area – it’s the Schloss Montfort in Langenargen on Lake Constance.

Schloss Montfort

My mom would often say how much I took after Onkel Heinrich with my artistic streak and I think it made her happy I pursued a design degree because it drew a direct line back to him, even though she herself never really understood it.

We always had a wonderful time whenever we visited Langenargen and the family there. Dex has never been to Germany so it’s a huge priority for us to go as soon as possible.

He just got home from work and was looking at the painting where I hung it in the dining room (for now, I think it will end up over my mantle) as he ate a late dinner. “I really like that painting.”

Dex is considering following us into a design career so you can imagine how my heart felt when he said that.

Thanks, Heidi.

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