London Skyline

All Our Photos From London

In the old days, I used this blog to share the personal details of our lives, especially with my family back east. I also used it just to save my memories since I have so much trouble remembering things. I have vowed to get back to more of that in the new year. It’s easy to throw a photo here and there on Facebook or Instagram, but I’d like a better history on my site of the things we’re up to. (I’ll definitely do “travel-tip” posts about our trip too. Eventually.)

But, with that in mind, below is the slideshow of our recent trip to London that I would force you to sit through if we still used actual slides in carousels. The captions explain generally where each place was or what we were doing. The overall trip was big vacation but also a college tour because Dex is (gasp) considering London for school. Being in London over Thanksgiving means we missed my favorite holiday (you know, all that eating) but made it there in time to see jolly old England dressed up for Christmas.

London Photos – November 2018

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