Design Mom Book

Design Mom: The Book & Denver Book Tour Stop

I know I met Gabrielle Blair at SXSW Interactive. It was really early in this blog, and she had Kirtsy with Laura and Laurie. I loved all three of them instantly and I’m proud to call all of them good friends. Then there was the time that Gabby lived in Colorado and I got to see her (slightly) more often – but most times, I just stalk her online like everyone else does.

Gracious. That is one word that I have seen used to describe Gaby’s book, but I would say that is pretty much her whole being. If anyone can float around the room and make you more calm with her presence, it’s her. So *OF COURSE* her book feels just like that too.

Even though you marvel at how she manages life with six kids. And creates such a beautiful site. With all those lovely photos. And kick-butt ideas.

Design Mom Book

All that is wrapped up in Design Mom, How To Live With Kids: A Room-By-Room Guide. 288 pages (I checked) full of tricks that are like continual “a-ha” moments for folks like me (i.e. not as conscientious as Gabby.) From storage to meals to artwork to organization to heirlooms to the general zen of design – it’s all there. And just when you start to feel overwhelmed, Design Mom reminds us it’s OK to bend the rules.


I have already started bookmarking ideas with post-it notes but I have a feeling the book will eventually be overun with them.

Thank you, friend! For the inspiration and fun all these years!

Design Mom Book

Gabby has a book tour in progress and she returns to Colorado on May 19th. I plan to be there front row cheering her own. Come out and cheer with me, OK?

Tattered Cover Aspen Grove
May 19th, 7pm
7301 S. Santa Fe Drive
Littleton, CO 80120


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  1. Amy Evans

    I love her site! Glad she wrote a book.

  2. Zipper

    Looks really good. My wife is always looking for things like this, thanks!

  3. Allison Felker

    Looks super cute, will check it out.

  4. Ben

    My wife will love this.

  5. Helen

    Thanks for hosting her book signing! It was such a lovely evening and a great chance to meet Gabby. You are right – she is very, very gracious.

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