Seattle For A Long Weekend

Our next door neighbors (i.e. adjunct family) moved to Seattle last year. In addition to taking with them our ability to run over for some butter when we needed it, they also took our dog’s best friend, Newman.


Wasn’t that CRUEL of them?

In all seriousness, while we miss them dearly – they opened the door for us to visit Seattle – a town we have never been to as a family.


I love seeing a place with people who live there, even newbies. Because you make them take in the “tourist traps” with new eyes.

Declan has chocolate in his mouth, also a prerequisite for a successful vacation experience.

So, of course the first thing on my list for Seattle was the Space Needle.

Since we were in Seattle for a long weekend, we hit the Space Needle on a Friday – and the lines were not crazy – but still long… as you would expect for a major attraction. A guide immediately asked up if we wanted to upgrade to VIP, which meant for $15 extra each, we would skip the line. Honestly. Do this. Well worth every penny if there is a line.


We had amazing weather for our visit, with clear skys and clear blue waters.


And, yes, lots of wind at the top.

Seattle2012_09 Seattle2012_23

I really had no clue about the Space Needle’s history. There was tons of information about the 1962 World’s Fair which launched this landmark into the sky, in addition to the amazing observation deck and restaurant in the clouds.

What is new next door to the Space Needle is the Chihuly Garden, and both can be done in one day. And should be done, because for those of us not in the Northwest region (thus constantly surrounded by Chihuly glass ) – the experience was truly magical!


Get ready for my onslaught of glass photos.

Seattle2012_12 Seattle2012_13
Seattle2012_14 Seattle2012_16
Seattle2012_21 Seattle2012_11

I really do have a ton more, but you need to go and see for yourself.

One thing we like to do, and our former neighbors like to do, is check out the unexpected when we travel. So, for the next day of our trip we hit the infamous Underground Tour. Yes, a tour that walks underneath the city’s former red light district.

I caution you. If you are claustrophobic, have trouble walking, don’t like creepy crawly damp holes in the ground – this tour is not for you. And I suspect the quality of the tour is based entirely on the tour guide… as these things usually are. Luckily, we had a good one.

Seattle2012_37 Seattle2012_33

It was pretty cool.

And then finally. Of course.


What trip to Seattle would be complete without a visit to the Pike Place Market. Although frankly, I had no idea that is what it was called till we went. “Public Market” seems like a perfectly fine name, right?

Even though I am no cook, just the vibe there was amazing. And we were lucky enough to see someone buy a big ole fish – thus saw that big old fish be thrown across the market. (I did not, of course, have my camera out and ready for it. Oops.)

I did, however, have my mouth ready for the piroshkys and fresh fruit that our friend bought us.

Seattle2012_41 Seattle2012_42

Which filled up our weekend in Seattle very nicely. 
 Ready to go back, anytime.

Have you been to Seattle?
What are your top picks to visit when there?

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  1. zipper

    Wow that glass is awesome!

  2. Sizzle

    These photos are great and really capture this beautiful city I am lucky enough to live in. I had to check for a second on what date it was because it feels like so long ago that you were here!

  3. Everyfann

    Love your travel posts! Great pics!

  4. Aimee Giese

    Sizzle – what other places would you add that people should visit?

  5. jennyonthespot

    LOVELY shots… AS ALWAYS! Sure wish whatever was keeping us on the other side of the Sound didn’t keep us there. Would have LOVED to tromp around with you!!! NEXT TIME, right? xoxox

  6. Becky

    I am AMAZED you had such good weather! Normally Seattle in the fall/winter is all rain. I have lots of family there so I visit often but RARELY see the mountains. I really do love that city.

    However since I have family, we rarely do touristy things. I think you hit all the good ones.

  7. MargieK

    We went several years ago, the last week of 2007, I think. Our nephew got married on New Year’s Eve. My sister-in-law lives about 45 minutes outside the city, so most of our city sight-seeing was during the day.

    We didn’t take in the space needle, but went to the rock-n-roll museum — a little something for everyone there. My husband and I appreciated the Hendrix Experience; our “kids” (late teens, early twenties) liked the rap/hip-hop stuff and the hands-on music studios! — plus there’s a sci-fi museum attached!

    We also went through Pike Place Market, and the Underground tour. Our hotel was near the so-called “SuperMall,” where we bought dress shoes (someone left his at work), and also spent part of a day driving around Port Defiance.

  8. Felix Lee

    I’ve never been to Seattle, but I’d love to go there. I’m sure the Space Needle would be the first place I’d want to check out. Your pictures are so great! The glass photos are awesome.

  9. ClumberKim

    I used to live in Walla Walla, WA and visited Seattle a lot. I miss the flash fried calamari at Etta’s. I have never been to the Chihuly Garden. We have a bunch of his glass in Pittsburgh but I can’t get enough of it. Your photos are fantastic!

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