September Greeblepix Contest

Here we go again! The Inaugural Greeblepix Contest was awesome, and I am sure this month will be too. I look forward to seeing everyone’s entries!

Here’s the deal:

PHASE ONE (Monday thru Tuesday night):

1. Select a photo you are loving right now. Whatever it is, whenever it was shot, just a photo you are totally loving on. This contest is open to all levels of photographers. As long as YOU TOOK IT, we wanna see it! Also, be sure that you have the clearance with any people in your photo to post them in this public fashion.

2. Post your pic on your blog, or on Flickr.

3. Use this badge in your post, if you like. (Right click and pull down to “Save Image As” to grab the badge).

4. Add the URL of your photo to the Mr. Linky dealiebob below to enter the contest.

5. The deadline for entries is 10pm Mountain time, Tuesday September 17th, 2008.

PHASE TWO (Wednesday Morning – Thursday Night):

6. I will select 5 finalists to go into a group voter widget thing on this here blog. Check back on Wednesday to see if you made it!

7. Everyone votes for the final winner! Voting ends Thursday at midnight (if I can figure out military time).

PHASE THREE (Friday Morning):

8. I will reveal the Greeblepix Winner of the Month!

9. There will be a monthly “winner” badge on the Friday post for the winner to grab. If I actually remember to make one (Sorry, Clark Kent!), that is. I would love to have actual prizes, but let’s face it, until some awesome camera people come knocking (cough cough Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus), the badge will have to do.

So there it is.

Wanna play?!?! Pssst! Spread the word, too!

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  1. leaca

    I am so glad I was able to play this time. I will spread the word.

  2. Lindy

    fun contest!

  3. Deeleea

    Hey Amy! Thanks for the chance to share the photo love!

    My pic is from a shoot I do every year of our local arts college’s dance recital… my favourite event of the year!

  4. Margo

    Delurking to play along with the crowd!

  5. Hip Mom's Guide

    I’m fairly sure my photographic skills don’t measure up, but I love taking them, anyway, so I’ll keep at it! It poured rain this entire weekend, but that didn’t stop the six-year old soccer players.

  6. monstergirlee

    Hey – yay! I linked correctly the first time this time. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries. They were really fun last time.

  7. Laura

    that military time thingy would be 24-hundred hours, ma’am.
    we nurses use it too.
    i entered for the first time. i have way too many pics but today this entry is my favorite. 😀

  8. Shelly

    Delurking to throw my fave summer photo into the mix :).

  9. Rebecca F.

    Yay! My first time playing along.

    Rebecca F.

  10. daysgoby

    This is one of those fun things that happens to a good picture when you start ‘playing’ around with it – thanks for the contest! How fun!

  11. Jeanette

    Cool! I managed to see this in time this month 🙂

  12. Karin

    So glad I saw this – great contest!

  13. {sara jayne}

    Thanks for hosting the contest– what fun!

  14. SecretAgentMama

    I’m entering a picture of my wedding ring. My husband works away from home (2 weeks on/1 week off) and last week I was rather ho-hum about it; missing him and feeling sorry for my solitude. This is where this photograph is coming from.

    Thanks for doing this, A; it’s so much fun!

  15. Sue at eLuckypacket

    We’re away in Northern California on vacation. I have a million pictures to post on Flickr but hotel wireless sucks and kept crashing on me! Loved this one though — and managed to get it uploaded. Didn’t get a chance to crop it on the left though … may do so if I get a decent wireless signal!

  16. nutmeg

    Yell at me if I did this wrong!

  17. nutmeg

    Um, how do I put the badge in my sidebar? Or do you only want it in posts? Remember me? Moron?

  18. nutmeg

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. moosh in indy.

    I have way too many pictures to choose from. I’m signed up for greeblepix for the next two years. Can I get some humility with that?

  20. Jen F

    Thanks, hope you enjoy the photo!

  21. carrie

    I’ll get mine up in a few days!! Thanks Aimee!

  22. Fi

    It’s Spring here in New Zealand – but only one week to get the best blossom shots!

    Thanks Aimee 🙂

  23. Every Day Goddess

    I found you through Carrie at Stop screaming I am driving! I love the contest. This was on a wine tour in Yakima WA.

  24. Ambassador

    Hey, Aimee!!

    Back to the usual madness around NO – thanks for your note before Gustav.

    I have my entry posted – thanks!


  25. monstergirlee

    I’m sad to say there are at least three photos where I can’t leave a comment. Lots of great photos Aimee.

  26. Missy Wiggins

    I entered for fun. I’m still such an amateur.

  27. Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children

    Mine is totally silly, but it makes me laugh every time I see it. Love the other’s photos!

  28. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    You guys are all awesome!!!

  29. laurie

    I have so many photos from this event I just want to help a few of them see the light of day. 🙂

  30. ~Sheryl

    Thanks Aimee – what a great way to see and share pics! I appreciate the opportunity.

  31. Mary Beth

    I’ve added my entry – thanks for having this contest:)

  32. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I really don’t know why I decided to do this, narrowing this down is gonna be so hard! You all are GREAT!!!!

  33. WiredMonkey

    Yay for the Greeblepix Contest!! I always have such a great time pouring over the entries by all these talented photographers and even the “found” pictures. It’s such a great idea. 🙂

  34. gcmandrake

    I finally got my act together enough to submit something. Great photos.

  35. Ed Bierman

    where am i suppose to put the logo

  36. Pamela

    Super fun!

    My picture is from the Farm Festival at our CSA (community supported agriculture) last year. It’s one of my family’s favorite day of the year.

  37. Suzanne

    Oh, this is so cool!

  38. soccer mom in denial

    I’m under the wire but my photo will be up at exactly 10pm your time. I hope it works!

  39. Kimblahg

    well, why not- i’ve thrown my hat in the ring.

  40. Irene

    I hope I’m not too late – but you got your dates mixed up – Wednesday the 17th … so I hope I get in still.
    I took my photo at the beach – having sundowners … what a good way to end off the day 🙂

  41. Anonymous

    Good Day!!! is one of the best innovative websites of its kind. I take advantage of reading it every day. I will be back.

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