Smoke Free Colorado

Today is the day that Colorado’s Smoke Free law goes into effect. Meaning no smoking at bars or restaurants (except at the casinos and smoking lounge at DIA – go figure). Which translates to: when we went to Sydney’s birthday party today, which was at a bowling alley, I didn’t have to come home reaking of smoke. And when Bryan feels like running over to the Irish Hound for lunch on his Wednesdays with Declan – he can actually do it! And if and when we ever go out dancing again, I won’t have to undress in another room when we get home. I am sure the neighbors are heartily relieved about that last one.

I never thought Colorado would go for this law. In fact, when they started pushing it, and the mayor wanted it for all Colorado rather than just Denver (afraid of losing revenue, of course – even though most places which has passed this law saw increases in revenue)… I thought it was a dead duck. But since most of Colorado completely supported the ban, the law for the whole state was indeed pushed through and the governor even signed it.

Oh happy, happy day.

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